Rectangle Glasses

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We have the perfect pair of rectangle rectangular glasses for your unique tastes

We’re going back to basics with this effortless shape in eyewear: rectangle frames. A great option for round and oval shaped faces, rectangle eyeglasses provide the perfect balance between symmetry and structure. Choose from a wide selection of rectangle frames ranging in colour, material, brand and size on Clearly.

If you’re looking for a bold acetate frame, our Kam Dhillon collection includes many retro-inspired rectangle frame designs in eye-catching colours which will work well in contrast with softer facial features. Those who prefer the modern look that thin metal frames have to offer, as well as the added comfort of nose pads, will enjoy the rimless rectangle options from our fashion-forward Perspective collection. Our metal rectangle frames are great option for anyone looking for a pair of durable and lightweight glasses you can wear comfortably all day long. Rectangle frame glasses add a unique yet subtle look to your everyday style and exceptional comfortable for everyday wear. Whether it be vintage or modern, you’re bound to find a set of rectangle frames that will best reflect your unique personality and style.