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Red Lotus Eyeglasses

Custom Comfort

Manufactured by Zyloware for women, Red Lotus glasses are perfect for those who have high cheekbones and broader facial features as they provide the perfect combination of fit and comfort. Accentuate your beautiful style with frames that are specifically designed to enhance the unique contours of your face.

At Coastal, we are pleased to offer fine selections for every face shape. Each pair in this line ensures a great fit as they are designed to sit in such a way that they won't slip and they provide extra room at the temples, which is ideal for wider foreheads.

Available in appealing designs such as the AF206Z 183 in brown with complementary leopard pattern detailing. This collection offers cat eye shapes and rectangular shapes and all frames have small details that make a big difference, such as crystal accents.

Celebrate your flirty, fun, and feminine side in all-day comfort with glasses that are more than a fashion accessory.