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Reebok Glasses - Eyewear for Active Lifestyles

The first choice for comfort; fit; and performance, Reebok glasses deliver superior style when you depend on vision correction. Designed for an active lifestyle, whether at work or play, these glasses offer the protection real people, in real situations rely on and have become the preferred choice athletes the world over. Clearly is thrilled to offer a full line of Reebok eyewear that delivers uncompromising quality for the fashion-conscious consumer.

The Reebok eyeglasses collection provides a myriad of classic styles updated with modern trends to keep you looking your best no matter what the activity or sport you are undertaking. Choose from either acetate, rubber acetate composite, or metal alloy construction for an extremely light weight and comfortable fit that won’t slip when your life gets busy. Designed for every progressive trendsetter, these frames offer ergonomic features like spring hinges and rubber grip temples so you can wear them comfortably: all day, every day.