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More Than a Little Attitude

Rough Justice glasses is a clear choice when you are looking for eye-catching style and sassy designs that adds just the right amount of hip to any look. Coastal is pleased to add a selection of inspired eyewear from the ground-breaking designer. Rough Justice eyeglasses are a part of a unique line of fashion frames that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Designed with more than a little attitude, Rough Justice eyeglasses utilize traditional materials like steel and acetates for fantastic comfort, quality and durability; however, the additional use of non-traditional materials like recycled plastics reflect the brand's social awareness that has driven the design process since the inception in 2007. Popular among Hollywood elite and worn by fashion-forward icons that are in the know around the world, Rough Justice glasses collection is the perfect way to finish off your signature look.

Add sparkle, shine and edgy fashion sense with fantastic urban-inspired glasses that return to basics and then spin off in a completely new direction. With names like Hipster, Spunky and French Kiss, these glasses are designed for the funky fashionista that wants to reflect individuality with a hint of celebrity glam.