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True Religion Eyeglasses

Perfect for the Active Lifestyle

Originally finding popularity with their designer jeans collection, True Religion has taken their unique aesthetic to new heights to create an edgy style of eyewear that appeals to a wide audience. Both men and women will find a look that speaks to them with an urban vibe that's always sophisticated. Trust your vision to the company that has redefined bold American fashion and find the perfect pair among a great selection of True Religion eyeglasses available at Coastal.

Always known for quality, True religion glasses collection uses only top materials to create a contemporary interpretation of timeless designs, like the ever-popular aviator which is available in full- and semi-frameless. Choose from an assortment of styles, tones and finishes to suit any look, personality or occasion.

Whether you're heading to the office, around town or any place that life might take you, True Religion glasses have something for everyone. Plus, with many progressive-eligible pairs, you’ll find these frames as versatile as they are stylish.