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Modern Sophistication & Classic Subtle Style

Valentino eyeglasses are the perfect balance between modern sophistication and classic subtle style. With glasses for both sexes, the men’s glasses provide an intelligent edge whereas the women’s eye glasses are glamorous and flirty.

Irresistibly sexy and quintessentially Italian, Valentino eyeglasses make a bold, charismatic statement that is instantly chic. Originating in the 1950’s in Paris before moving to current day headquarters in Rome, the Valentino brand is famous for its classic, sensual designs and use of their trademark red hue. Valentino eyewear takes inspiration from these elements, resulting in frames that are instantly dramatic and flattering, perfect for those seeking a little bit of La Dolce Vita.

Manufactured in Italy, these elegant frames are made with luxurious materials and offer great details. Their materials are often hand-crafted and combine to provide unsurpassed lightweight quality and comfort. Our Valentino frames are guaranteed 100% authentic and are listed at prices far below retail. Because of these low prices, these eyeglasses are very popular and sell out quickly - so don’t miss out.