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Vera Wang Glasses

Exquisite & Elegant Eyewear

A name ubiquitous with the world of wedding design, Vera Wang has been the wedding gown go to for celebrities like Maria Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and both Khloe and Kim Kardashian. Starting with one design salon in New York she has now opened boutiques in Europe, Australia, and Japan and her elegant styles have graced the wedding aisle and red carpet alike. These days the Vera Wang brand can be seen in several other lifestyle segments from ready-to-wear couture, to home living, to stunning Vera Wang glasses collections.

With acute attention to detail and the eye for both the dramatic and modern sides of bridal fashion Vera has imbued her exquisite taste into the Vera Wang eyewear line. Soft, feminine designs are paired with delicate pastels and muted palettes and textures. The Vera Wang glasses are chic and luxurious and truly encapsulate the award winning designer’s artistic vision.