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Vogue Glasses

Stylish, feminine frames that add edgy or elegant elements to any look.

Gone are the times where eyeglasses were only mean to correct vision. These days eyewear can be an integral and defining piece in any look or outfit. Vogue eyewear was created to encourage the use of glasses as a bonafide fashion accessory with unique detailing, innovative and trendy silhouettes, and spectacular palettes. With the vivacious Eva Mendez as the main spokeswoman for the brand it is clear that Vogue eyewear have the power to bring you from elegant and pretty, to fiery and fierce and back again simply by switching your pair.

Vogue glasses take inspiration from all the latest fashion trends and has a penchant for pushing the boundaries to create new, innovative styles. From modern colour blocking, to iridescent pastels, to radiant glitter or floral detailing and textures, Vogue has a collection to suit and inspire anyone’s style.