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Balenciaga Sunglasses

Ultra-Modern Designs with a Minimalist Finish

Balenciaga was formally founded as a fashion house in San Sebastian by Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1919. Balenciaga’s list of innovations is nearly unparalleled, from tunics to babydolls, knee-high boots to pillbox hats, eyeglasses to sunglasses. Throughout the sixties, Balenciaga moved increasingly toward an elegant purity of form, pulling away from the styles of his competition.

Today, the House of Balenciaga is recognized from the composition, and combination, of all the extreme parts of Balenciaga’s iconic work: the over-decorated pieces, the organic pieces, and the futuristic, absolutely abstract pieces. Hailed as the “couturier or all couturiers”, Balenciaga has created an unequaled body of work that balances the simple and the measured with an eccentric, abstract boldness.

Alexander Wang was appointed as the new Creative Director of Balenciaga in 2012, and is reverently returning to the fashion house’s aristocratic roots. Balenciaga sunglasses incorporate the label’s vintage styles with elevated design details to create an avant-garde silhouette for the modern world. The baroque elements and characteristic Balenciaga stencils combine to create an eye-catching, inimitable collection that is distinctively haute couture. Alternating bold proportions and sinuous lines creates a perfect mix of the brand’s unique heritage and contemporary touches, evident in the sunglasses line. Balenciaga’s architectural design and classic double “B” logo are evident throughout this incredibly popular sunglasses collection. You may also want to check out the similarly stunning styles of theChloe collection.