Plastic Sunglasses

Explore classic and contemporary styles with our plastic and acetate sunglasses

When it comes to fashion, the classics never go out of style. Check out our wide array of plastic and acetate sunglasses on Clearly and use our MyFit tool to find the ideal pair for you. Plastic and acetate sunglasses allow for an enormous variety of sizes, colours, shapes, finishes and frame designs thanks to the flexibility of the materials. Our acetate sunglasses are also exceptionally lightweight and durable; ensuring all-day comfort, whether you are relaxing on the beach or on hiking trip. Plastic sunglasses also offer a great option for anyone looking for comfortable, lightweight sunglasses that will look and feel great during sports or other high intensity activities. Acetate sunglasses also retain their colour and vibrancy over time because the pattern and colour is embedded in the material rather than adhered to the frame surface which resists wear over time, ensuring your sunglasses will always look great. Additionally, acetate frame sunglasses are hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for those with metal sensitivities.

We’re confident you’ll find a pair of plastic sunglasses you like from our large selection

You'll be sure to find plastic frame sunglasses in all sorts of colours, shapes, and lens tints, including polarized lens sunglasses, as well as prescription tinted lens options available for some frames. For a retro-inspired look, check out the plastic and acetate sunglasses options from brands like Ray-Ban and Derek Cardigan. If you prefer a more contemporary, fashion-forward look, explore the bold designs from high-end couture brands such as Bolon and Costa. For streamlined, lightweight plastic frame sunglasses that will look and feel great while playing sports or other high intensity activities, check out our selection of Oakley, Nike and Ryders sunglasses. Regardless of the pair you select, our acetate sunglasses are a great option for anyone looking for durability and comfort while protecting your eyes from the sun's dangerous UV rays.