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Emporio Armani Sunglasses

Make a Classic Fashion Statement

Known the world over for impeccable quality and superior craftsmanship, the Emporio Armani line is always on the cutting-edge of fashion. Founded from a desire for creative self-expression, Giorgio Armani seems able to foresee the future and to know exactly what the modern fashionista is looking for next.

This line of exquisite eyewear continues the Armani tradition of excellence and offers the perfect blend of timeless yet contemporary style and superior comfort. Available in a wide variety of styles and shapes, these frames deliver a full range of vision correction options to accentuate every facial feature and skin tone.

Finely-crafted with superior finishes and materials, each selection stands up to daily wear and tear while ensuring you always look fantastic, whether you're headed to the office, the runway, the beach, or just curling up with a good book at home.