Grouse Grind Mountain Run

Clearly was proud to be the title sponsor at this years Clearly Grouse Grind Mountain Run. With over 600 participants, the event was a great success and it was amazing to see so many people of different age groups  complete such a daunting feat.

We were excited to give each runner a free pair of Derek Cardigan sunglasses at the finish line and organized a Spin to Win gaming wheel for all guests to play for $1. All proceeds made from the gaming wheel went to The BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. All in all, it was a great day with a lot of successful stories and accomplishments.

Unique Grinders

In preparation to The Clearly Grouse Grind Mountain Run, the staff of the Grouse Grind asked members and all participants to share their inspirational stories of why they choose to do the grind and the Grouse Grind Mountain Run. Here are three participants and their stories that stood out to us.

Story #7 –  Tiffany Tremblay

“I’m a full time Mom of two, a spin teacher and personal trainer. I did the Grind 45 times last year with my first born baby, and just last month took my 10 day old new born baby up with her.

I continue to hike the Grind at least once a week and sometimes more! The Grind is my love-hate workout of the week and I love it because it’s a great cardio workout and easy on the body. I love the challenge, the benefits of becoming stronger and the cleansing sweat that you get during the hike.

With a dream Grind time of 34 minutes, I average 42 minutes solo and 50 minutes with a baby.”

Story #17 – Don Konantz

“I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and after surgery, my medical team suggested I undergo radiation. The plan was the maximum — daily treatment for 8 weeks. After the first treatment, I wanted to go for a walk in the supernatural forest on the North Shore. I ended up climbing the Grouse Grind that day, seeing it as some measure of mastery in my otherwise radioactive and out of control world. There is nothing I know more foreign to introduce to a living organism than radiation. The next day after treatment I did the Grind again. It just felt so good to be in the rich, oxygenated air of the majestic trees.

Day after day, it just felt good to be out and while I was slowing each day, my spirit would soar as the summit neared. To me, how fast or slow was not relevant. I just thought of the metaphor that I was climbing cancer’s mountain repeating with each step, “I may have cancer, but cancer does not have me.”

My oncologist suggested I wouldn’t be able to keep it up and that made me re-double my effort. As the weather closed in, friends accompanied me and while most everyone passed me, friends and family support was critical to getting up both the Grind and cancer’s mountain.

I got to the summit of the Grind every day of radiation – climbing 93,000 vertical feet over the 8 weeks – more than three times up Mt. Everest. The Grind taught me many things and I revisit and climb the trail regularly to continue my climb to health. I will get there and when I do, the view will have been worth every step.”

Story #13 – Sebastian Salas

“I am the current Grouse Grind record holder but my full time job is as a professional cyclist travelling all over North America for the biggest cycling races. On average I spend 20 to 25 hours a week on my bike and I usually do the Grind five or six times a year in preparation for the Grouse Grind Mountain Run.

I love the fact that the Grouse Grind pushes my body and mind to the limit each and every time I do it. It might surprise you to learn that there is never a time when the Grind is easy for me — it is always a challenge. My advice to anyone doing the hike is to keep a positive spirit, control your breathing and push for the light at the top during the last 1/4 of the trail.

The first time I did the Grind was back in 2008 during the Grouse Grind Mountain Run and I was shocked I managed to win the race. It was an incredible feeling and one I was not expecting at all. I love the atmosphere and culture surrounding the Grind and it is always uplifting to be with like minded individuals. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the start line of this year’s race!”

For more unique stories, visit the Grouse Grind Facebook page.

Candid Pictures

Did You Participate?

If you participated this year, don’t forget to tag your finish line picture on our Grouse Grind Mountain Run Facebook album. Tag yourself wearing your racer number as we’ll be choosing a winner to win a Grouse Mountain Annual Local’s Pass for 1 year. If you’re already a passholder, your existing pass will be extended for an additional 365 days.

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