Top Tips for Wearing Makeup with Glasses

As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep lashes from flaking, liner from smudging, and foundation from disappearing halfway through the day, wearing makeup with glasses always seem to add a new set of challenges to your daily routine. Below, we look at 5 key ways to keep your face firmly in place while wearing your favourite frames.

1. Invest in a primer

If you’re constantly sliding your glasses back up your nose or taking them off altogether, you’ll want to ensure that your base is firmly locked down. Both oily and dry skin tones should look for a matte-ifying primer to help keep foundation from disappearing halfway through the day.

2. Go easy on foundation

Really take care to blend out to a thin level of coverage in the areas where your skin touches the frame – namely around your brows, cheeks, and nose bridge. This prevents noticeable dents in your base where the glasses have sunk into the skin.

3. Match your liner to your prescription

Nearsighted? Your glasses are going to make your eyes look bigger, so you’ll want a simpler, subtler look like a soft sweep of pencil along your water line, rather than a full 60s wing. Farsighted? You’re exactly the opposite: your glasses will make your eyes look smaller – which means you’re free to go for a full feline flick with a bold gel liner.

4. Use a shadow that enhances your eyes

Lenses have a way of diminishing your iris’s full glory – so make sure that you pick a shadow shade that works to enhance it instead. Not sure where to start? Follow the color wheel classics: green eyes go well with coppers and aubergines, blue eyes with soft golds and warm browns, hazel eyes with plums and olives, and brown eyes with aquas and bronzes.

5. Frame your face

Filling in your brows with powder or pencil helps to keep them from fading away behind a thick frame. Also: make sure glasses sit above or below your natural brow line so they aren’t lost behind a thick rim of plastic or metal.

6. Double-check your frame fit

Can’t get your lashes and lenses to stop colliding? You may want to take your frames in for an adjustment rather than switching up your mascara — this is a routine sign that your glasses aren’t fitting your face as well as they could.

Bonus Tip:

Seek out brands that have been rated and approved by opthalmologists and dermatologists. One such brand, Almay, is committed to creating products that don’t carry the known irritants (like heavy fragrances) found in many other cosmetics.

Ready to pick a frame to complete your look?

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