Math Symbol Glasses

With a new school year just starting, it’s important to keep on top of new eyeglasses trends and right now it’s math symbol glasses. Our editors have taken note of exclusive vintage inspired eyeglasses brand, Derek Cardigan, as it pioneered quirky math symbol accents on the temples of frames. Although the symbols are small, they are quite distinct and they’re enough to highlight your individual style.

Nerdy glasses, also known as geek chic frames, have invaded and conquered the fashion world. With the Derek Cardigan brand, you’re able to get the nerdy glasses look with a quirky twist to make you stand out from the rest with the unmistakable math symbols. Wearing the Derek Cardigan brand is a great way to showcase your unique style with confidence with a simple pair of nerdy glasses.

Check out the glasses our editors have picked from the Derek Cardigan brand if you need some help shopping for your pair of nerdy glasses with distinct math symbols.

Editors’ Picks

Math symbol glasses are a great way to make your glasses wardrobe fresh and new. Stand out with nerdy glasses that feature accents like multiplication and division symbols – accents that will take your unique fashion style to the next level.

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