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Contact lens wearers are all too familiar with the dry eyes caused by wearing their contact lenses for extended periods. While a number of contact lens brands have helped to improve the wear experience by developing materials that mimic healthy tears, developers have taken their technology a step further with multi-purpose solutions designed to make wearing contact lenses easier on your eyes. With an extensive development process, Bausch + Lomb introduces Biotrue multi-purpose solution.

Contact Lens Wearers & Dry Eyes

Dry eyes with contact lenses can occur when not enough tears are being produced to keep eyes moist and lubricated, which can lead to a number of symptoms including tired, dry eyes, and discomfort.


How they Work

Through bio-inspiration (also known as biomimicry), Bausch + Lomb’s health scientists drew inspiration from nature, how the eye works naturally to clean, stay hydrated, and keep healthy, to develop this new solution.


Usage & Results

Biotrue is indicated for all soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses that provide an excellent disinfection needed by healthy eyes. The solution lubricates through hyaluronan (HA) to provide comfort throughout the day, and are pH balanced to match tears to maintain the eyes natural condition.


Looking for a new and effective answer to dry eyes? Consult with your Eye Care Provider to see if Biotrue multi-purpose solution is an ideal match to your contact lens prescription.

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