Be Bold with Air Optix Colors

The new line from Air Optix offers comfort, clarity, and a mix of vibrant and subtle shades to flatter the widest range of contact lens wearers. Part of the Air Optix breathability line, the new Colors lenses are some of the most comfortable coloured contacts available.

Discover Air Optix Colors


But it’s not all about function — just like with your natural eyes, the dynamic range from Air Optix include a deep outer shade to frame and enhance your iris, a primary colour with a dominant hue, and a light inner ring for added depth and dimension.


The full spectrum of shades from Air Optix allow you to personalize your look even further with both a subtle and vibrant version of each hue.


Those looking to add subtle enhancement to their natural eye shade should look to the Blue, Gray, Green, Pure Hazel, and Brown lenses.


Those seeking a big, bold impact can select the vibrant hues of Brilliant Blue, Sterling Gray, Gemstone Green, and Honey.


Air Optix Aqua wearers don’t need a new prescription to try the Air Optix Colors. For everyone else, we always recommend speaking to your eye care provider trying any new contact lens product.


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