Signature Style Series | Charmaine Daudu

A beauty guru and soon-to-be mom, it’s easy to understand how Charmaine’s striking style has attracted such a loyal following. From her wild curls to the bright pops of colour that adorn each of her ensembles, Charmaine’s colourful, harmonious blend of envy-inducing pieces make her a go-to for all things style.

My signature style is colorful yet nostalgic. I take a lot of inspiration from past decades.

Pulling inspiration from fall’s most illustrious hues, we asked Charmaine to create four of her own signature looks.

Green | Retro Cool

Charmaine pairs this energetic  green frame with a patterned, multi-coloured dress and vintage-inspired accessories, lending her contemporary look a distinct nostalgic feel. Take a note from Charmaine and create a retro-cool style by pairing this statement frame with other bold pieces.

One of my biggest style inspirations is Iris Apfel. I love her “more is more” approach to fashion. I think of accessories as the icing on the cake.


Derek Cardigan Frankie in Green

This retro-cool style is given a modern edge in a smooth metal design and opulent green finish.

Tortoise | Bold and Exotic

Charmaine pairs her vibrant tortoise glasses against a canvas of complementary reds to create her signature style. Follow Charmaine’s lead and create this bold style by pairing tortoise frames with similar tones.


Kam Dhillon Serval in Marrakesh Red

For an adventurous twist on a classic tortoise design, this striking pair is a great choice. With a warm, vibrant hue and a sweeping feminine design, this frame offers an exotic yet flattering aesthetic.

Black | Effortless Chic

Charmaine couples this effortless black pair with a flowing floral dress and romantic lace-up flats for a look that’s as elegant as it is chic. Create this effortless style by pairing your black frame with feminine pieces for an instant touch of sophistication.

I love the shape and glossy finish of black frames. [This] frame has a subtle retro feel that really complements my style.


Kam Dhillon Luisa in Black

Simple and striking, this frame blends the distinct appeal of luxurious design with endless versatility.

Metallic | Luxurious and Radiant

Charmaine brings this luxurious metallic pair to life with rose gold accents and a bright red lip. Pair this look with other gold accessories for an extra dose of glamour.

I fell in love with every frame once I got to style them. They not only felt like my personality, but they’re also really versatile.


Kam Dhillon Chloe in Gold

This extravagant pair is the epitome of luxury, with a gleaming frame front and classic tortoise temples.

Charmaine’s Tip for the Perfect Fit

“I definitely think that style is an extension of your personality, and that your eyewear should reflect that. People typically think of face shape first and then find themselves limited in style, I’d say start with the fun part! Think of a colour or style that you love, and then narrow down your picks based on fit.”

Ready to find your signature style?

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