Some Things are Best Fresh | The Top 3 Reasons for Daily Contact Lenses

With so many contact lenses brands available, and so many options to choose from – dailies, weekly, and monthly wear are all available – it’s often difficult to know which contact lens prescription is best for you, and the benefits that different lengths of wear can provide. Remember, your eye exam with a licensed Eye Care Professional will determine the best contact lens type and wear schedule for you.

When asked which is the safest mode of contact lens wear, most doctors reply, “daily disposables.” When asked which is the most convenient mode of lens wear, most doctors reply, “daily disposables.” When asked which is the most comfortable mode of lens wear, most doctors reply, “daily disposables.” – Optometry Times

Daily Contact Lens Wear Schedule Data


The Top 3 Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses

1 | Eye Health

The CDC reports that over 82% of 1000 adults questioned said that they wear their contact lenses longer than recommended, with over half of those saying that they also slept in their lenses. The same report underlines that by not following proper care guidelines, contact lens wearers are putting their eye health at risk. For example, water sources (i.e. from getting contact lenses wet on the sink, shower or pool) can lead to the risk of Acanthamoeba, and dirt, dust and particles all lead to buildup on the lens. Because daily contact lenses come directly from their pack each day they provide the cleanest option to contact lens wearers.

The safest type of contact lenses to wear are daily disposable contact lenses as they are the lowest risk of infection as it is more hygienic to replace it daily – Bobby Qureshi (London Eye Hospital)

2 | Convenience

Daily contact lenses are packed in their own solution so they won’t require additional cleaning, and you can bring a fresh pair with you anywhere you go. With dailies you are provided with a freedom from purchasing and using solutions and contact lens cases, which are also often not cleaned properly allowing for a higher risk of infection.

Conventional soft lenses build up deposits, which are difficult to remove, and conventional lenses need daily cleaning and disinfection. Yet compliance with cleaning regimens is a real concern with many patients. – Dr. Ernie Bowling, OD

3 | Comfort

Buildup of allergens, such as dust or dander, as well as dirt and other particles can be agitating and cause eye discomfort. Frequent cleaning of both your lenses and case is required for weekly and monthly contact lens wear, while a daily provides fresh materials every day. As your Eye Care Provider prescribes your lenses, and know the brand that is best for your eye health needs, they will also take the guesswork out of selecting solutions that can add to eye irritations.

 Some people’s tear chemistry makes it challenging to remove protein and lipids off their lenses, and despite of daily cleaning with peroxide based solutions they continue to experience a film like sensation when looking through them. Daily disposable lenses are an easier to handle and healthier modality that I recommend to all our clients – Claudia Rojas, Optician

Remember no matter what contact lens product is prescribed to you, it’s essential to follow the proper Guidelines for Proper Lens Care.

Some things are best fresh

Have a valid contact lens prescription? At less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day a new pair of  contacts a day might just be what you’re looking for.



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