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Yes, we're open: operations fully active. Get $15 off your contacts (orders $120+). | Code: CANADA15 (see terms)

Get $15 off your contacts. Code: CANADA15

Contacts orders $120+.

See sunny skies. See bright eyes. See Amazing.

With glowing hearts,
we see thee rise




ORDERS $120+

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Lens Case - Jelly Blue Barrel
Lens Case - Jelly Orange Barrel
Lens Case - Jelly Green Barrel
Lens Case - Jelly Yellow Barrel
Lens Case - RGP Blue/White
Lens Case - Okase Rose
Lens Case - Okase Orange
Lens Case - Okase Green
Lens Case - Okase Turquoise
Lens Case - Okase Blue
Lens Case - Okase white
Lens Case - Flat Yellow
Lens Case - Flat Orange
Lens Case - Flat Blue
Lens Case - Lemon Peace
Lens Case - Wave Blue
Lens Case - Blue Eagle Flag
KabaClip lens case - Lime/Watermelon
KabaClip lens case - Grape/Watermelon
KabaClip lens case - Tangerine/Grape
KabaClip lens case - Tangerine/Watermelon
KabaClip lens case - Tangerine/Lime
KabaClip lens case - Lime/Grape
Lens Case - Hypno Blue
Lens Case - USA Flag White
Lens Case - Twist Blue
Purity Lens Cleaner 4 oz.
Purity Lens Cleaner Kit
Purity Lens Cleaner 8 oz.
Eyeglass Case - Cleinman A172 Hard Case Brown
Glasses Accessories and Repair Kit - CC
Glasses Accessories and Repair Kit - LensWay
Thick Nylon Cord K606 Black
Sports Strap K283 Dark Blue
Thick Nylon Cord K606 Blue
Thick Nylon Cord K606 Orange
Thick Nylon Cord K606 Yellow
Thick Nylon Cord K606 Fluorescent Yellow
Stick & Fit Nose Pads
Vision Plus - Eye Exam


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