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Contact Lens Solutions

Countless types of soft contact lenses, such as Acuvue® Advance, PureVision™ and O2 Optix need contact lens solution for overnight care. Solution is important for cleaning and removing protein deposits, disinfecting, rinsing, rewetting and storing lenses. Cleaning your lenses daily not only improves vision clarity, but also improves and maintains the health of your eyes. We offer a variety of top brand solutions to meet your contact cleaning needs. Maintenance is often over-looked with contact lenses and can be troublesome to your eyes if ignored. Protein and bacteria will inevitably build up over time on your lenses, but can be avoided with proper cleaning. In order to prevent the risk of infection, physicians advise patients to replace their lens case every 3 months. Check out our selection of excellent eye care solutions.Be sure to also check out our vast assortment of lens cases to ensure you've got all the right accessories.

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