World Sight Day 2020

Protect your eyes from light exposure: UV rays and blue-violet light.

World Sight Day is all about taking a moment to reflect on your vision care and eye health. This year, we want to talk to you about exposure to UV rays and blue-violet light.

Light exposure:

UV rays and blue-violet light

step 1

50% of UV rays come directly from the sun and 50% are refracted and reflected off surrounding surfaces.

step 2

Over 90% of people age 20-65 use digital devices every day, switching between an average of four different blue light sources.

step 3

68% of users experience visual fatigue after spending time on digital screens.

Why do we need to protect our eyes from

UV rays and blue-violet light exposure?

We're constantly exposed

Through all seasons and weather patterns, UV rays and blue-violet light are constantly present in the atmosphere.

May cause eye strain

Digital devices emit a lot of blue-violet light, which might contribute to visual fatigue.

Long-term repercussions

Long-term exposure to UV rays from the sun is a risk factor in cataracts. They may also cause the cornea and crystalline lens to age quicker.

Blue-violet light may effect our retinas

Emitted from the sun and our screens, blue-violet light may accelerate aging of the retina and increase retinal oxidative stress.

Buy One, Give One

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