Lunettes de soleil Derek Cardigan

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Derek Cardigan Sunglasses

Classic Geek Made Chic

Coastal is pleased to present its selection of retro-inspired fashion sunglasses with the Derek Cardigan eyewear collection. Offering a whimsical take on the classic 1950s wingtip frame, each pair of sunglasses gives a playful wink to geek chic style with math symbols that replace the traditional diamond rivets. With a core design aesthetic that pays homage to mid-century styling, you’ll find the perfect shape and shade to help you express your inner geek. This diverse eyewear catalog includes a variety of styles such as the classic full and half frame wing tip, along with daring cat-eye designs.

The geek chic retro designs of the Derek Cardigan eyewear collection aren’t skin deep, they also embrace top lens technology by providing 100% UVA and UVB filtering for maximum eye protection while you’re having fun in the sun. Each pair is constructed with impact-resistant acetate for a comfortable fit that also provides rugged dependability for your active lifestyle. There is also a wide spectrum of lens tints available, all designed to flatter and enhance these good-looking and finely-crafted sunglasses. Pick the perfect vintage influenced design to add a cheeky hint of geek chic to your look.