Carrera eyeglasses

Impactful Versatility

With bold, durable style, Carrera glasses are perfect for the fashion-conscience sports enthusiast. This line offers boldly designed shapes such as the CA6158 IVC in violet, the CA6160 D57 in white pearl, the CA6160 W2N in violet with white accents, and the CA5510 DBI in Havana ivory. Other boldly stated shades include blue grey, violet Havana, brick brown or olive grey, just to name a few. There are almost as many shapes available as there are hues, such as wingtip with a twist, or oversized frames. No matter which set you choose, they are sure to make a statement and complement any facial structure.

These specs feature the brand’s logo on the temples, strong, lightweight construction of acetate, and fashion-forward as well as durable styling. With the company's rich history combined with its innovative eye toward the future, these glasses will be the perfect complement to your wardrobe and active lifestyle.

Carrera has a history of creating eyewear that began in 1956 with their initial sport goggles company named Panamericana - after the longest and fastest race in the world. The ideology behind the company was thinking of the future. Today it's progressed to be a leader in modern, bold, fashionable eyewear with the athlete in mind.

Carrera Glasses

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