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Mustang Glasses

Defined by 50 years of top notch style and performance.

For the last 50 years the Ford Mustang has earned itself an expansive following thanks to the car’s thrilling power and superior design. Now with the introduction of the all new Mustang eyeglasses line this penchant for style and innovation can be seen embedded into a sophisticated collection of eyewear that perfectly complements the culture of the symbolic American muscle car.

Decades of style can be seen in each Mustang frame starting with classic silhouettes like the iconic aviator, the trendy Retro-Wingtip, and the timeless rectangle and ending with smooth modern finishes. Detailing inspired directly from the body of the pony car can be seen in each design with the use of sexy angles, carbon fiber, and refined, textured metals. Sporty, masculine Mustang eyewear has the power to bring you to the top of your game.