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Ryders sunglasses

Style with Rugged Reliability

Known for their superior style and rugged dependability, Ryders sunglasses are designed to fit an active, unfussy lifestyle. Choose with confidence from a wide variety of frame styles such as the Corsair Aviator, Strider, Thorn, Trio or the squared-off Chops. The high-quality construction of polycarbonate lenses -- the same material found in bulletproof glass -- blended with uncomplicated styling ensures optimal fit and long-lasting performance.

Explore the vast range of lens technology available: including Velopolar lenses that offer the protection of a polarized lens with the added benefit of crystal-clear visibility; or permanent anti-fog lenses with a hydrophobic coating on the front and an antiFOG layer on the back, guaranteeing clear, uncompromised vision in all conditions.

With Ryders Sunglasses you will also experience photochromic lenses that react and adapt to sunlight levels, ensuring the perfect amount of lens shading for flawless vision in all settings and surroundings.

Ryders are more than just a fashion accessory. At the core of every pair of Ryders sunglasses is the brand’s lightweight and rugged construction, making them a must-have vision tool for the most demanding and active lifestyles without sacrificing sleekness, fashion and comfort.