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Originally developed in the 1930’s as sunglasses for pilots, the iconic styling of aviator glasses has passed the test of time.

These classically tear-shaped frames peaked in popularity during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Aviator sunglasses were worn by stars like Elvis Presley and Tom Cruise and exuded an air of rocker chic, while regular eyeglasses frames in this shape started to become a hot trend.

Aviator sunglasses have remained a favourite throughout the years, and there has been a recent resurgence of aviator eyeglasses frames. This retro design will leave you looking cool, calm and collected – it’s no surprise that all the top celebrities and fashion influencers are seen sporting these casual specs.

aviator glassesFeatured, clockwise from top: Stetson STXL16 in Gunmetal, JK London Rotherhithe in Black Lime, Joseph Marc 7045 in Amber Fade

What are aviator glasses?

Classic aviator glasses feature a double bar bridge along the browline and a tear drop shaped lens that tapers at the bottom. The shape of aviators was meant to emulate pilot goggles and offer maximum protection from the sun and other environmental elements.

They traditionally showcase a slim metal construction, but aviator frames have taken on many contemporary variations throughout the years.

Today, you’ll find aviator frames which have maintained the distinct double bridge but in a more rectangular or oval form. You’ll also find aviator specs made of modern materials, like a dense acetate, instead.

Will aviator glasses work with my face shape?

Aviator glasses are a versatile option and would look great on just about anybody.

Triangular and square faces, in particular, will love this stylish frame shape, because aviator glasses help to soften angular features, such as a wide jawline, and help to elongate narrow foreheads.

Aviator frames will also complement heart face shapes, as they provide the perfect balance for wide foreheads and tapered jawlines.

If you’re unsure of your face shape and which glasses styles will look best on you, have a look at our face shape guide for glasses.

Aviator framesFeatured, left to right: JK London Rotherhithe in Black Lime, Stetson STXL16 in Gunmetal,

Ready to shop?

If you like to make bold fashion choices, add a pair of aviator eyeglasses to your everyday wardrobe for a vintage vibe. For a subtle dash of cool, you can rock a pair of sunnies in this timeless shape instead.

No matter which style of aviator frames you decide on, you’ll leave everyone wishing they had a pair of their own.

Unsure of where to start when shopping for specs online? Have a look at our guide to finding the perfect pair of glasses for some helpful tips.

Browse our endless collection of aviator glasses to find your perfect pair today.

Header featured frame: Joseph Marc 7045 in Amber Fade

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