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Christopher Day, Optician at Clearly

Experienced Optician and loving dad Christopher James Day has been part of Clearly’s adventure since 2015. As a Licensed Optician and Contact Lens Fitter, he brings with him a rich experience and knowledge of vision care. As one of our eye care experts, he provides support and guidance to our staff and is part of the team responsible for delivering training to our vision ambassadors.

Always learning about the latest innovations in the optical space, he’s happy to share his experience and passion to help people learn about eye health and take care of their vision. Here’s a little more about Christopher Day’s experience and expertise.

A Child’s Dream Come True

As a child, Christopher was passionate about movies and filmmaking. This passion has eventually led him to be drawn to lenses and the various visual techniques used in movies. He then began to show interest to the world of vision and optics.

Christopher also experienced first-hand how proper eyesight correction and clear vision could improve one’s everyday life. At the age of 15, he realized that he was failing Geography exams because he couldn’t read countries’ names on the board. That year, his very first pair of glasses allowed him to pass his Geography class with flying colours!

Christopher Day decided to become an Optician and Contact Lens Fitter because he believes that vision is the most important source of information and experience that we possess. Your eyes are precious, and to make the most of every moment and life experience, Christopher is here to help improve your eyesight.

Background and Professional Experience

Christopher Day has been a licensed optician since 2008. He obtained a degree in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario (1998) and graduated from B.C. College of Optics in 2008. He is a member of the College of Opticians of British Columbia and the Optician Association of Canada.

Originally from Southwestern Ontario, Christopher decided to move to British Columbia in 2000. Miles away from his hometown, he experienced life on Canada’s West Coast and he hasn’t left BC since! In his early days as a newcomer to Vancouver, he had the opportunity to work at a First Nations art gallery in Gastown, which offered him a chance to learn about the area’s culture and history.

He started to work as an optician in an upscale optical store for several years. The extremely high prices that customers were expected to pay to have good quality glasses disheartened him. He decided to make a career change and find a job that was more aligned with his values and passion: helping people see better and providing eyewear at affordable prices! That’s when his journey at Clearly started…

Christopher’s Impact at Clearly

Christopher joined us as an in-house optician and lens fitter in 2015. He started to work on many projects related to vision care and customer service. He also got the chance to partake in collaborations with other opticians and optometrists like Dr. Justin Asgarpour. Their mutual dedication to improving eye health has been instrumental in helping Clearly provide high-quality eyewear and a high level of service to its customers.

He also participated in one of the Change the View projects in Vancouver’s downtown east side – handing out prescription glasses, readers and sunglasses to marginalized and vulnerable communities. As he expressed: “Being able to help them see better has been one of my greatest rewards since I started with Clearly”.

Christopher Day loves his job and involvement at Clearly as it allows him to help far more people than a retail store position would allow. Despite the difficulty of helping customers with complex prescriptions without seeing them in person, Chris has found the challenge to be incredibly rewarding!

“It’s a really wonderful feeling to know that there are many people who are living every moment of their lives looking through lenses that you helped create and to hear the happiness in their voice when they know you understand what they’re experiencing.”

As most of us know, opticianry is traditionally about “person to person” relationships. Adapting his profession to the online eyewear market has offered him the opportunity to help more people see better, and at a much lower cost!  He now provides support to customers throughout Canada and the United States.

Chris spends as much of his free time with his two beautiful kids as possible (who think daddy has a cool job because he helps people see better). In fact, one of Chris’ most rewarding professional accomplishments was visiting his daughter’s kindergarten class to talk to them about seeing better and protecting their eyes. Needless to say, he was meant for this job!

Clearly’s Dedication to Improving Eye Health

We are very happy to count Christopher Day as part of our team and part of Clearly’s adventure. His work and input are essential to providing a better level of service and support to our customers. His expertise has allowed Clearly to develop robust guidelines and documentation on eye care as well as foster greater empathy regarding our customers’ needs and problems. Follow our future posts and articles and you’ll see his name popping up with his insights and professional advice!

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