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The Little Black Dress, or LBD, is known throughout fashion history as a statement piece accessible to all women, and is the epitome of impeccable taste. In fact, black holds significance as the uniform of fashion for a reason – it is discrete, chic and sophisticated. Most importantly, a little black dress is timeless and universal, and a classic wardrobe staple that completes any outfit.

Little black glasses — which we like to call LBG’s — hold the same level of significance as the go-to look for either first time glasses wearers or frame collectors. Eyeglasses flawlessly blur the line between utility and fashion, and are now proudly part of the essential wardrobe for many individuals as an accessory that amplifies personal style.

One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress. —Karl Lagerfeld

lbg-4An avant-garde twist to the dramatic Cat Eye, the Derek Cardigan Frankie eyeglasses are a definite statement piece for wider foreheads and tapered jaw lines. Razor sharp matte stainless steel carves an unforgettable silhouette that is at once timeless and vivid.


The Love L768 glasses blend delicate vintage details with contemporary materials. These Clubmaster inspired frames juxtapose a glossy acetate brow line and a quirky keyhole bridge for sartorial elegance that perfectly complements angular jaw lines and narrow foreheads.


Luxurious matte Italian acetate meets a timeless vintage Retro-Wingtip silhouette for an air of modernity and adds impact to round faces. The silvery rivets at each temple add a flash of vintage charm.

Clean, light, and sophisticated, the Kam Dhillon Mina frames add understated style. The modified rectangular design boasts a slight curve to suit smaller faces and tapered jawlines.

Effortless and clean, a pair of little black glasses are a wardrobe essential that is the perfect accessory for any occasion and outfit.

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