Five reasons why you need to get office progressives

Regular progressive wearers are all too familiar with the frustration of trying to find that sweet spot required for computer work. That’s where DualView BlueReflect™ office progressives come in: office progressives help bridge the gap between reading and distance with a prescription that’s specifically built for screen time — desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and anything else in the middle distance. Below, we list the top 5 reasons why you should make office progressives your second pair of glasses:


1. Enjoy clearer computer vision

These lenses from Essilor, the world’s leading manufacturer of opthalmic lenses, were built to work with your computer, tablet, and smartphone. They keep the field directly in front of you firmly in focus, so you aren’t having to constantly tilt your head (or your glasses) up and down.

2. Get BlueReflect™ digital protection

Our DualView office progressives come with built in BlueReflect™ protection to help reduce your exposure to some of the Harmful Blue Light emitted by digital devices. This helps to limit eye strain, tiredness, and itchiness.


BlueReflect™ Lenses use a special coating to reflect a portion of the blue light emitted by digital devices and artificial light. The blue sheen on the exterior and yellow hue of the interior demonstrate the reflection and filtering process. This image demonstrates the comparison of BlueReflect™ DualView office progressives (black frames) compared next to everyday lenses without these coatings (green frame)

3. Cut down on neck & back strain

Constantly moving your head to shift your focus can put serious strain your neck and back throughout the day. By having glasses that focus for you, you can sit straighter and avoid slumping or slouching.

4. You can use your current prescription

You can use your normal progressive script to order office progressives, and we’ll make the necessary calculations for you.


5. Have fun with added style options

Life’s always more fun with variety: having a second pair lets you play around with new shapes, shades, and materials.

How office progressives work

Computer progressive lenses vs progressive lenses

Your normal progressives‘ three distance corridors (near, far, and intermediate) are perfect for everyday tasks, but you may find that you still need to tilt your head to find the right intermediate distance.

With DualView BlueReflect™ office progressives you’ll be provided with a wider middle corridor that optimizes your intermediate (i.e. computer) and reading distances. With this expanded corridor, you can maintain a better posture and avoid neck strain.

Note: Not your everyday

Office progressives are only intended to be a second pair of glasses.  Given their specific field of vision, they should not be used while driving because they don’t include the distance prescription included on an everyday progressive prescription.

Ready to find your DualView office progressives?

While shopping for progressive glasses you can search for frames that are eligible for these multifocal prescriptions (they need a certain minimum height and width to include the complete prescription, which we’ve sorted for you). When you go in to shop all glasses, simply click “Progressive Eligible” and then select your preferred frame.



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