Let’s talk about contact lens comfort

contact lens comfort

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As any contact lens wearer will tell you, contact lenses can make a world of a difference.

The best feeling is when you’re wearing contacts and forget you even have them on; you get to enjoy your life with complete clarity and comfort.

Read on to discover way how you can experience optimal contact lens comfort:

Proper lens care & wear

To keep your contacts feeling fresh, be sure you are properly storing and replacing your contact lenses.

Weekly and monthly contacts should be properly cleaned and stored upon removal with a contact lens solution prescribed by your Eye Care Professional to remove bacteria and protein buildup.

Lubricating eye drops also help keep your eyes hydrated and refreshed while you’re wearing contacts.

In addition, you should always replace your contact lenses based on your appropriate wear schedule, and do not overwear your contacts.

Visit our guide for proper contact lens care and our list of common contact lens misconceptions for more tips from our licensed Eye Care Professionals.

Silicone hydrogel contacts

With modern advances in contact lens technology, manufacturers are producing soft contact lenses made of new materials that promote comfort and performance.

Many contact lens brands available today are made of silicone hydrogel. These types of contacts retain moisture and increase the level of oxygen that reaches the surface of your eyes, making these lenses ideal for prolonged wear.

You can learn more about silicone hydrogel contact lenses, and the science behind them, by reading our relevant blog post, “What are silicone hydrogel contacts?

Our exclusive contacts

contact lens comfort

Clearly is happy to be launching a new, exclusive line of contact lenses that are made of silicone hydrogel: everclear.

The everclear line is available in daily, weekly, and monthly variations, so there will be something available for just about everyone.

To determine if this brand of contacts will be suitable for you, we recommend consulting your Eye Care Professional.

Annual eye exams

When your eyes are in tip-top shape, they’ll be feeling their best.

Visiting your Eye Care Professional on an annual basis will ensure your eyes are healthy and that you are getting an updated prescription for lenses that will work best for your eyes.

Our eyes can change shape over time, meaning contacts you were previously wearing may no longer be a good fit. An updated prescription will make sure you’re not only seeing clearly, but also wearing a brand of contacts that will fit properly.

This will guarantee you’re experiencing optimal contact lens comfort.

Have a look at our guide on eye exam essentials, with tips from licensed Eye Care Professionals, to learn more about the importance of contact lens prescriptions.

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