Millennial Pink: How to pair it with eyewear

What is Millennial Pink?

A bright, bubbly hue that has been slowly taking over runways and social feeds for the past few months. The surprisingly versatile Millennial Pink is often classed somewhere between a grapefruit and salmon shade — never quite bubblegum, and just shy of coral. Given its effervescent universality, it works well either as the main focal point of your outfit (a wool coat, a t-shirt dress, a hoodie, or a button-down), or as a soft accessory on a darker palette.

Below, we show you how to do both when it comes to eyewear:

All in the family
Millennial Pink

Already wearing Millennial Pink and looking for frames to complement your outfit? Heed the rule of colour families and colour opposites: this warm shade contrasts nicely with a deep, cool purple, while additional pops of bright green, stark black, and charcoal grey tie the look nicely together.

Darkness & light


If you’re already wearing a cool, dark palette, a soft pink accent adds lightness to the overall look — particularly around your face. The Kam Dhillon Claudia glasses in Bare offer a touch of blush without screaming “hot pink.”

All pink everything

Pink glasses

But if you just can’t get enough of Millennial Pink, then by all means — don’t hold back. Throw on some pink or pinky-tortoise glasses with your pink dress, pink shoes, pink shirt, pink coat, pink anything. Trends are only around for so long, so why not take this to the limit?

If you’re looking for more colour-coded advice, check out our ultimate guide to finding the perfect pair of glasses for your face shape, eyes, hair, skin tone, and more.

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Looking for more information on how to find your perfect pair of glasses?

Our Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair of Glasses provides more information on tailoring your frame to ensure the perfect fit, shopping by frame type, and tips for complementing your eyewear to your hair and eye colour, and skin tone.

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