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Navigating the world of eye care can be confusing at times, so we’ve asked Eye Care Professionals for their feedback on some of our most frequently received questions regarding eye health. Make sure to check with your Eye Care Professional regarding your personal eye health as they will be able to provide you information based on your in-person consultation.

Is the only reason for an eye exam to get a new prescription?


No, complete eye health monitoring by eye doctors is also critical to ensuring the health of the eye. As the window to the human body, the eye is one of the few organs in our anatomy that reveals information about our general health. There are over 5.5. million Canadians with significant eye disease that can cause vision loss. The good news is that 75% of vision loss cases can be detected, treated and prevented, which can include macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, and glaucoma.

Will my eyes get worse by wearing glasses more often or too much?


No, in most cases, glasses will not cause any deterioration that would not otherwise occur. However, wearing glasses for activities other than recommended (i.e. distance glasses worn to read close up) may make the eyes work harder than they need to. For this reason, it is important to visit your Eye Care Professional as they will be able to recommend proper eyewear and explain the reason and importance of your prescription.

I spend long hours on my computer and smartphone, how is this affecting my eyesight?


The Vision Council reports that “nearly 70% of American adults experience some form of digital eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices”. To avoid eye strain and reduce exposure to the Harmful Blue Light emitted from digital devices, make sure that you are wearing the proper glasses for the task and take frequent breaks from long visual tasks, such as computer work. Every 20 minutes refocus on something 20 feet or further away for 20 seconds. As lens technologies develop, look for digital protection from products such as KODAK BlueReflect Lenses that reduce glare and reflect and filter artificial blue light from digital devices.


 Dr. Justin Asgarpour, Doctor of Optometry (OD)

Dr. Justin Asgarpour graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Alberta, and went on to receive his Doctor of Optometry in 2012 from the New England College of Optometry. He has a passion for educating his patients about eye health, and the importance of prevention and a regular eye exam schedule to ensure healthy eyes.

Claudia Rojas, Licensed Refracting Optician & Contact Lens Fitter

With over 18 years of experience in the optical industry, licensed Optician Claudi Rojas is committed to eye health awareness and optical education to promote healthy and happy eyes.

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