A closer look at the Artist Collection

Derek Cardigan Icycle frames

Meet the new Artist Collection. If you consider your eyes the window to your (creative) soul, you’re in the right place.

Inspired by contemporary art movements and the feeling of the studio, the Artists Collection is what happens when a sculptural sensibility meets textures, patterns, and prints.  

Not just a daily wardrobe staple, these frames are a canvas for self-expression. It’s all about character, creativity, and celebrating the joy in the details. So, strike a thoughtful pose and get ready to step into our gallery. 

The story behind the Artist Collection

Inspired by runway looks and gallery details, the Artist Collection is like popping into a museum after seeing a show at fashion week. It’s the best of both worlds: this season’s trends meets moments in art history (more on that below). 

That being said, these frames aren’t just for creatives or classical scholars – they’re for anyone who appreciates well-crafted eyewear (or anyone who just really enjoyed art class).  

Like you, the Artist Collection frames think outside the box and appreciate subtlety and sophistication. They’re full of studio-inspired details, but this time, the frame is the canvas. Think sculptural shapes finished with fine textures, bold patterns, and prints that you don’t normally see on eyewear.  

From show-stopping colours to subtle details, this collection is for those who pay attention. Because what you see through is equally important as what you see. 

The Artist Collection aesthetic: Detail-obsessed

If you’ve ever been called detail-oriented, these frames are for you. They showcase thoughtful design twists, from unexpected pops of pattern to playful takes on classic frame silhouettes. Let’s take a closer look.


You might see a pattern here… (and that’s the point.)  

These frames feature everything from bold prints to a pop of pattern on the inside temples (the eyewear designer’s easter egg).  

Because prints aren’t just for fabric. A playful addition to your eyewear wardrobe, these frames can hold their own as the focal point of your outfit.


Sometimes, a pair of glasses just feels right. The Artist Collection features several styles that are precision finished with tactile elements, so you can literally feel the difference in the quality.  

Like standing up close to a canvas and inspecting the brushstrokes, these are details you can get lost in. Something to add a bit of texture to your day.

Thoughtful design

Let’s talk art history for a moment (don’t worry – no textbook required).  

Many artistic movements explore cultural or historical moments while pushing the boundaries of different mediums and techniques. The Artist Collection is inspired by three art-historical aesthetics. 


This modernist American art movement is all about geometric shapes and crisp forms. Think clean lines, solid colours, and unexpected viewpoints. 

Just-like-this precisionists will appreciate the textural aspects and pristine shapes found in the collection. It’s all about the angles and outlines with these edgy styles.


An avant-garde artistic style, Expressionism made waves by spotlighting individual, well, expression. What does that look like in practice? Bold brushstrokes and colours with lots of emotion behind them. 

Go-all-out expressionists: these bold patterns aren’t afraid to make a statement, and neither are you. It’s about going big, even when you’re just at home.


From the mid-twentieth century onward, Minimalists started rejecting classical art techniques. What took their place? Sleek, industrial forms and low-key designs that didn’t fit the traditional definition of ‘art’. 

Keep-it-simple minimalists might be drawn to subtle twists on the classic wire frame silhouette. Understated designs aren’t limited to metal styles, however; clear frames also showcase unexpected design elements.

How to style the Artist Collection

Inspiration comes in many different forms, so there’s no one way to welcome these frames into your wardrobe. Think of these styling tips like creative prompts.

Draw (from) what you see, not what you know

Did your art teacher ever tell you: ‘draw what you see, not what you know’? Let’s apply this classic piece of advice to your closet.  

Bold frames can be intimidating, so start by picking out one aspect you want to play with.  

What colours, shapes, or textures stand out to you in the frames, or within the frame’s pattern? Try riffing on those elements in your outfit with anything from a matching accessory to matching the overall vibe.

Dramatic monochromatic

Take a cue from the crayon box and commit to a colourful ensemble.  

Your glasses can match or be the one element that stands out. (It doesn’t all have to be the exact same colour, either – play with lighter and darker shades for a tonal look.)

Free (colour) wheelin’

Take a trip across the colour wheel to create a whimsical palette. Pair blue with orange, purple with yellow, or red with green.  

Or look to the primary or secondary colour triads for tried-and-true playful combinations: red, yellow, and blue, or purple, green, and orange.

Keep it simple (and let the frames do the talking)

Paring back the rest of your outfit lets your artistic frames take centre stage. An all-black ensemble works well here, or build a low-key look with your favourite neutrals.

Maximalist magic

Because sometimes, more is more. Pick something you like about your frames and emphasize it in your outfit.  

Maybe textured glasses call for a chunky wool sweater. Denim-patterned frames might love a denim-on-denim look. An angular pair could go well with an asymmetrical hem or even (gasp) a shoulder pad.


Mix and match patterns for a quirky-cool vibe. Keep the size of the patterns in mind – it’s best to mix it up to provide interest rather than distraction.  

Intricate checkers would pair well with an oversized floral. Colour is another consideration: stay in a similar palette to keep it grounded.  

The inspiration doesn’t stop here. Take a look at our vintage glasses edit or catch up on the latest glasses trends. Another artsy avenue? The always-great tortoiseshell.   

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