The secret to ordering eyeglasses online starts here. MyFit and Virtual Try On work in harmony to provide you with the best results.


With MyFit selected, you’ll see a curated selection of glasses that fit you best, in addition to our full catalogue of frames. These glasses will appear at the top of your webpage and will have the MyFit icon next to them.

Glasses Measurement
Add your glasses measurement.

Although not guaranteed, using MyFit alongside Virtual Try On will provide you with the best chance of finding the perfect glasses to meet your style and fit.

Find your current pair of great fitting glasses
Locate the numbers on the inner arm of your glasses and enter the numbers into MyFit
Start shopping and look for the MyFit icon!

Our Virtual Try On tool provides a quick and easy way to try as many glasses as you like, online, as part of our commitment to making eyewear accessible for everyone. For best results on both fit and style, use the MyFit tool alongside our virtual try on feature.