10 celebrities who look completely different with glasses 

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Ever noticed one of those ‘celebrities without makeup’ articles and been tempted to click? (Oh yeah, we see you.) Well, here’s our answer to that guilty-pleasure Google: 10 celebrities who look completely different with glasses. Bonus: we also recommend similar glasses styles that come without the celebrity price tag. 

Anyone who’s gotten glasses (whether for the first or fifteenth time) knows that donning new frames can completely change your look. Celebrities are no exception. Let’s take a look.

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo is no stranger to complete style makeovers. From the late 90s and early 2000s to this day, her wardrobe has ranged from daring to darling and everything in between.  

And look at this transformation, courtesy of dramatic oversized aviators.  

To pull off this chic 70s look, customize aviators with tinted sun lenses (and pair with cargo pants and an army jacket to boot)  

Aviator glasses frames
Derek Cardigan Dallas
Aviator black glasses frames
Derek Cardigan Telesto


How do you even begin to describe Zendaya’s style? ‘Eye-conic’, perhaps? (See what we did there…) Known for her cutting-edge looks, Zendaya is one celebrity who’s no stranger to spectacle – or spectacles.  

While she isn’t often spotted wearing glasses, she can make a style statement out of a classic rectangular pair. 

Mimic her look with oversized black frames. Bonus: if your style is as versatile as Zendaya’s, they go with everything. 

Black rectangular glasses frames
Clearly Basics Burin
Black rectangular glasses frames
Clearly Basics Okak

Robert Downey Jr.

When you think of Robert Downey Jr. wearing glasses, you might picture Tony Stark’s tech-savvy sunglasses. But did you know that RDJ can also rock a pair of vintage-style browline glasses?  

Get the look with these semi-rimless styles. 

Browline glasses frames
Derek Cardigan Tanoak
Browline glasses frames
Kam Dhillon Indira

And if it is Tony Stark’s glasses you’re after, we do have some dupes (voice-activated AI not included).

Aviator black glasses frames
Main and Central Leavenworth
Wire frame glasses
Clearly Gamer Meta

Lupita Nyong’o

Known for her stunning red carpet looks, especially a floor-length gown, Lupita Nyong’o’s fearless fashion doesn’t stop at clothes. Her eyewear style is equally on point.  

She brings the statement look off the red carpet in a sleek pair of bridgeless aviators.

Want to copy her look? (Who doesn’t?) Look no further. 

Gold aviator glasses frames
Derek Cardigan Talitha
Aviator gold glasses frames
Main and Central Waterford

Lady Gaga

Did you know that Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta? Her ability to reinvent herself is a defining point of her career – and her style. Lady Gaga’s outfits might be better summed up as ‘moments’ (ahem, meat dress). 

So seeing her in this low-key black pair is surprising – but then again, which of her looks aren’t? 

Get the look with these classic black styles. 

Black rectangular glasses frames
Derek Cardigan Larch
Black rectangular glasses frames
Clearly Basics Fredericton

Steve Carell

He might play the boss on The Office, but in the right pair of glasses, Steve Carell looks like a real boss. Exhibit A: this retro pair of two-toned frames. 

Give yourself a style promotion in these pairs.

Gradient coloured glasses frames
Derek Cardigan Atlas
Gradient colour glasses frames
Reincarnate Crane


Like a lot of celebrities, Jay-Z can often be found looking cool and understated in black sunglasses, but he makes glasses look equally hip. Retro Wayfarer-style glasses complement his laid-back street style. 

Grab some Wayfarers (or Wayfarer lookalikes) for yourself.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses frames in black
Ray-Ban Wayfarer
Black rectangular glasses frames
Clearly Basics Medicine Hat

Hugh Jackman

It might not be as dramatic of a transformation as when he plays a mutant superhero, but Hugh Jackman wearing glasses is a definite style shift.

Recreate this look with square black aviators. 

Aviator black glasses frames
Main and Central Dunedin
Aviator black glasses frames
Main and Central Windwhistle

Jason Momoa

Rugged, outdoorsy, and adventurous are words that might come to mind when you think of Jason Momoa. Maybe it’s no surprise, then, to see him wearing a pair of tortoiseshell glasses – they’re as versatile and down-to-earth as he is.

Here are some easy-going pairs that pair with an anything-goes vibe.

Tortoiseshell rectangular glasses frames
Clearly Basics Nutak
Tortoiseshell rectangular glasses frames
Clearly Basics Cupids

Elton John

Needless to say, Elton John is one celebrity whose style is defined by his glasses. So seeing him without them is kind of a shock. Here’s a rare moment when he took off his glasses.

Looking to bring some spec-tacular drama à la Elton John? Seek out oversized frames in bold colours and customize them with tinted lenses.  

Yellow oversized glasses frames
Reincarnate Stork
Red cat-eye glasses frames
Kam Dhillon Serval

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