How to style clear frame glasses

Comment agencer des montures claires

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Clear frame glasses, aka transparent or see-through frames, are a versatile eyewear style. From staple to statement, clear frames come in many different shapes, sizes, and subtle colours to suit just about any personality or mood.  

Picking out a new pair and want to give clear frame glasses a try? We’ll be transparent – we’ve got style tips and recommendations for men’s and women’s clear frame glasses.  

A quick history of clear frame glasses 

woman wearing pink oversized clear frame glasses

It might surprise you that clear frame glasses have been around since approximately the 1930s. Back then, they were usually round and narrow, as per the style of the day.  

By the 40s and 50s, clear frames were all the rage and round or cat-eye was the shape to sport. Thanks to technological advances, it became easier to manufacture plastic, resulting in more colours, mixing of materials, and trends that have stayed with us ever since.  

P.s.: if retro glasses are your thing, check out our vintage collection and explore our complete guide to the history of vintage glasses styles

Types of clear frame glasses

woman sitting outside wearing clear frame glasses

You might be thinking: the clear frame glasses trend is pretty… well, clear. While that’s true (everything you need to know about them is right in the name), the sheer number of variations offers endless possibilities.  

Since the frame is transparent and the colour is toned down, other aspects of the frame are free to steal the spotlight. Shape, size, and subtle details take on more prominent roles – shop our star picks below.

Statement shapes  

Fun frames can shape your look in the best possible way. From bold 70s silhouettes to angular outlines, these clear frames are anything but understated. 

oversized round clear frame glasses

Reincarnate Ibis

black and white clear frame glasses

Main and Central Angier

hexagonal clear frame glasses

Kam Dhillon Heather

beige clear frame aviator glasses

Main and Central Killarney

Mix-and-match minimalism 

Mix-and-match, but make it minimalist. Metallic elements + barely-there frames = see-through styles that can see you through anything.  

aviator clear frame glasses

Derek Cardigan Dallas

clear frame ray-ban glasses

Ray-Ban RX5154

clear frame glasses with metal accent

Derek Cardigan Zosma

clear frame glasses with bronze metal accents

Michael Kors Captiva

Cool colours

Clear doesn’t mean steering clear of colour. Choose a frame in a sweet pastel for a look that’s pure eye candy, or balance out a bold tone with a gradient or colour-blocked design.

yellow clear frame glasses

Clearly Basics North Portal

red and white clear frame glasses

Clearly Basics Victoriaville

clear frame glasses with tortoiseshell arms

Derek Cardigan Hydra

clear frame glasses with tortoiseshell top

Derek Cardigan Carina

How to shop clear glasses frames online

Did you know that there’s a crystal-clear way to find clear frame glasses on our site?

  • Go to our homepage 
  • Scroll down to ‘Shop Frame Colours’ 
  • Click on ‘Clear’ 

You can also filter for clear frame glasses on any product page: 

  • Click ‘Colour’ in the row of filter options above the list of frames 
  • Check off ‘Clear’ 

Once you’ve chosen your frames: 

  • Click ‘Add Lenses’ and enter your prescription 
  • Choose your lenses 
  • Shimmy through the checkout (don’t forget to check our coupon codes page first to see if there’s a deal waiting for you there).  

How to style clear frame glasses

woman wearing clear frame glasses outside

With a style this versatile, there really are endless ways to wear clear frame glasses. Below are some looks, tips, and tricks to give you a clear idea (or two) of how to incorporate these frames into your own wardrobe. 

Celebrity style inspo 

We looked to the stars for some inspo on the clear frame glasses trend, and came away with looks ranging from celestial to sporty to retro. (Bonus: shop the looks with (more affordable) versions from our site.) 

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

@selenagomez shines in this sparkly pair of cat-eyes. Build your own Old Hollywood look by popping tinted sun lenses into a transparent cat-eye frame (try solid grey for a classic look, or pastel gradient lenses for a nostalgic one).  

clear frame cat-eye glasses

Derek Cardigan 7034

clear frame pink cat-eye glasses

Main and Central Memphis

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A post shared by Oakley (@oakley)

@k.mbappe is a natural in these sporty Oakleys. Emulate this subtle-but-striking vibe with a frame that incorporates some contrast. 

Main and Central Gilroy

Clearly Basics Cranbrook

@beyonce narrows it down with a 90s rectangular pair. Make like Queen Bey by bringing the bling and topping it all off with a crystalline pair.  

Clearly Basics Penticton

Main and Central Darlinghurst

@sethrogen throws it back in frames that compliment his retro outfit. Steal his look by getting your groove on in a square pair.  

Clearly Basics Mahone

Main and Central Albany

Tips, tricks, and ideas for clear frame glasses

In fashion terms, clear frame glasses are a true neutral – they go with everything. So where do you go from there?  

Shine bright like a diamond

woman wearing clear frame glasses

Colourless, transparent frames catch the light like crystal: like a diamond you can wear on your face. Clear frame glasses add a little lightness to your look, so try wearing them with an all-black outfit to bring some playfulness to an otherwise austere outfit. 

Blast from the past

person wearing clear frame glasses

Clear frame glasses can bring a fun retro vibe, recalling acrylic and lucite furniture from the 60s and 70s or the inflatable furniture and see-through backpacks of the 90s. Vibe-match with vintage wear from those eras, or let the frames work their retro-futuristic magic in a modern outfit.  

Silver lining

clear frame glasses

Because clear frame glasses capture and sparkle in the light, they can look almost metallic. Turn up the simmer on the shimmer by complementing them with metal jewelry or shiny clothes. 

Low-maintenance monochrome

colourful clear frame glasses

A frame that goes with everything? Yes, please. Let the colour (or lack thereof) do the work and leave it low-maintenance. Build a monochrome look around clear frame glasses by matching the tone (or lack thereof). Your frames will enhance the effect.  

A good sport

black and white clear frame glasses

Clear frame glasses are a good sport with athleisure wear or athletic clothing. Pro tip: pick clear frames for your sunglasses and add polarized lenses to minimize glare on the court, field, or water.  

Make it up

brown and pink clear frame glasses

The best frames to wear makeup with? Clear frame glasses. They won’t compete with the rest of your look, and they’ll subtly frame your eyes to make them pop. Think of them like the nude lip of the eyewear world. 

Colour it in

man and woman wearing sustainable clear frame glasses

Want to play with accent colours? Choose clear frame glasses with a slight tint for a hint of colour that won’t compete with your clothes. And with frames starting from just $9, you can keep up to date with seasonal colour palettes (and the latest Pantone of the year) without breaking the bank or changing up your whole wardrobe.  

Did you find a clear winner? Grab your pair now or check out our 2022 glasses trends edit or celeb-looks-for-less post for further ideas. 

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