It’s Your Lucky Day: St. Patrick’s Day Beverage Guide

In celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day, theLOOK met up with Corey, a mixology practitioner and fellow eyewear enthusiast. Not only does Corey take great pride in his eyewear style of choice, he also knows the importance of the perfect St. Paddy’s Day beverage. From cocktails to hops, Corey walks us through how to mix, pour and shake his favourite Saint Patrick’s Day beverages.

And, to ensure you’re celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in style, we asked Corey to select a glasses style that embodies the essence of each of these quintessential St. Paddy’s Day concoctions. Enjoy!

Guinness + Clubmaster

Irish Whiskey + Vintage-Inspired

Peppermint Paddy + Pop of Colour

Irish Coffee + Two-Toned Fade

Emerald Isle + Full Metal

Location courtesy of The Morrissey Pub. Vancouver, BC.

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