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Graduated ombre hair colour has long been a popular hair trend popularized by celebrities and style mavens. Early adopters of the trend included Alexa Chung and Drew Barrymore, whose look is now coveted on Pinterest boards across the nation. Known as a ‘dip-dyed’ style, ombre hair is more subtle than previous hair trends when roots were purposefully exposed in contrast to light blonde shades. With a gradual faded look, ombre hair can be achieved with both natural hair tones and candy coloured hues.

Om·bré : having colours or tones that fade into each other – used especially on fabrics in which the colour is graduated from light to dark.

Ombre clothing has been seen both on and off the runways for the past few seasons, and has made the transition from hairstyles to nail art, clothing, home décor and eyewear. Search for the term “ombre” and you will find tips on creating the effect on birthday cakes, where to buy the newest ombre dishware, and how to translate the look by wearing ombre hosiery, jeans and dresses.

Ombre patterns create a fresh take on the thick Retro-Wingtip style glasses that have been favoured over the past few years. Less stark than black or dark tortoiseshell, ombre provides a softening effect in flattering colours. The always classic rectangular shape also gets a fresh update with this gradient look.

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