Raen Sunglasses: Sophisticated Sexy

Adding a pair of Raen Pogue Seaglass sunglasses to your summer look will definitely give you the title of street style queen. Pairing the sunglasses with an overall monochromatic outfit will make it the stand out accessory of the look. Alternately, wear it with a digital print dress and it ends up giving the overall outfit a funky vibe.

The Core Outfit

When wearing a simple outfit, quality materials and tailoring is key to stand out which is why we chose a pair of wide-leg, cream coloured hemp trousers from casualwear brand Crippen. An all black scoop neck tank top creates obvious contrast. The core look comes together as simple, comfortable and classy.

The Accessories

The best way to describe the feature pair of Raen Pogue Seaglass sunglasses is vintage with a twist. With it’s modern round shape and grey gradient lenses, it’s a great update on a vintage style.

Leather bracelets are a great accessory to add because it’s a minimal addition that brings an edginess to the outfit. The Alexander McQueen triple wrap bracelet features a silver razor blade accent which matches the monochromatic colour scheme.

To pull all the elements together, a pair of Victoire Buckle high sandals work perfectly to match the colours as well as the edginess that we’re going for.

The Makeup

For this look, focus on your hair and go for a slept-in look. With such a sleek outfit, slighly messy hair is a good contrast. This particular styling lotion creates light waves in your hair without adding any extra weight. The easy to apply factor is bonus; apply to damp hair and scrunch and you’re ready to go!

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