The Best Eye Makeup for Glasses

It’s a common misconception that glasses wearers cannot wear eye makeup since their frames will just hide all their efforts. However, this is definitely not true! The key is in knowing how to apply eye makeup for glasses to complement your frames.

Since stylish glasses tend to draw attention to your eyes, you should ensure that any makeup you do apply in the eye area is neat and tidy, and also brings definition to your eyes.

When you are a glasses wearer, you can wear your eye makeup in any way you feel comfortable with. Here are our tips for creating a great look with eye makeup for glasses…

1. Prep your lids: For a long-lasting eye makeup look, apply an eye shadow primer before you apply any other products. This will help to ensure that your makeup will stay put and resist smudging or creasing. As a bonus, any colours you apply will look bolder and brighter.

2. Choose the right shadow colours: Because your glasses frames are drawing attention to your eye area, your eye shadow should coordinate with your frame colour. Another alternative is to stay within neutral tones such as greys, browns and whites so your glasses frames will stand out.

3. Create definition: After applying your shadow colours, add definition to your eyes with eyeliner and mascara. Take care to draw clean and neat lines and avoid smudgy messes for a more dramatic effect under your glasses frames. Applying waterproof mascara is a great idea to prevent your lashes from smearing your lenses.

4. Curl your lashes: Many times, your eyes will look smaller beneath your glasses lenses. Open up your eyes and make them wider and brighter by curling your lashes. Your curled lashes are also less likely to rub against your lenses and cause smears or flaking.

5. Define your brows: As a glasses wearer, you should give extra attention to your eyebrows. Brows play a huge role in defining your face. To complement your eye makeup for glasses, make sure you tame your eyebrows! If you have super thick or messy brows, pluck, wax, or thread them into shape. If your brows are patchy or too light, make them appear fuller by filling them in with a matching brow pencil or powder

Don’t avoid eye makeup just because you wear glasses. Whether you prefer a bold or more subtle look, feel free to express your style with eye makeup for glasses.

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