What Are the Best Contact Lens Brands?

best Contact Lens brand

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Would you like the world to see right into your eyes without the confines of an eyeglass frame? Well, you might want to try contact lenses in that case! 

Your optometrist is the expert and will guide you in choosing the contacts that work best for your needs. There are however many brands on the market, and it can be challenging to know which ones provide high-quality vision as well as eye safety. 

The best lens for you may not be the best lens for your co-worker or your spouse. To help you decide and provide material for your conversation with your eye doctor, we’ve selected four of our favourite brands that offer modern technology, comfort, and breathability at affordable prices! 

Discover Our Selection of the Best Contact Lens Brands

1.    Everclear

Everclear Contact Lenses

Everclear Contact Lenses

We’re proud to introduce our favourite contact lens brand, everclear. Especially conceived to fulfil contact wearers’ needs, this in-house brand has managed to create a marvelous combination of affordable and high-tech lenses. Thanks to their use of Silicone Hydrogel, those contacts guarantee an optimal oxygen flow for your eyes. 

Rest assured that you’ll get optimal vision and eye comfort. everclear contacts offer excellent moisture balance and UVA/UVB protection. Choose your favourite category between: 

i. everclear Elite: Daily contacts that are made of a flexible silicone hydrogel material designed to retain moisture and maximize breathability. Ideal for up to 12 hours of wear and for wearers with dry eyes. Available in 5 pack (aka trial pack if you’re looking to upgrade with something new)30 pack and 90 pack.

ii. everclear Air: Monthly silicone hydrogel contacts that provide optimal breathability, moisture and comfort. These lenses have a blue tint around the edges so you can easily spot them upon application. Available in 1 pack (aka trial pack) and 3 pack.

iii. everclear Plus: Bi-weekly silicone hydrogel contacts that feature high levels of oxygen flow-through and water content to ensure hydration and breathability. Available in 1 pack (aka trial pack) and 6 pack.

iv. everclear ADM: Daily contacts that are made with soft hydrogel technology, featuring high level of water content to ensure moisture. Available in 5 pack (aka trial pack) and 30 pack. 

v. everclear Active: Daily silicone hydrogel contacts that are designed for active lifestyles to ensure comfort and clarity during sports and physical activities. 

everclear contacts are available for daily, weekly and monthly wear. Considering their quality and prices starting at only $3.50, this brand is guaranteed to deliver vision correcting solutions for everyone. And you can choose contact lenses adapted to your lifestyle!

2.    Alcon

Alcon Contact Lenses

Alcon Contact Lenses

For a large selection of high-quality vision care products, you can go with Alcon. Their commitment: improve people’s vision offering optimal eye comfort and clarity. In a constant search for improvement, they seek to offer the finest technology lenses adapted to all lifestyles and needs. 

According to your preferences, you can choose: 

i. Precision1: One of the bestselling daily contacts that brings an easy-to-wear appeal to ensure comfort throughout wear. Available in 30 pack and 90 pack. 

ii. Dailies Total1: One of our customers’ favourites due to its exceptional comfort and breathability. Available in 30 pack and 90 pack, as well as Multifocal 30 pack and 90 pack. And for more options, consider Dailies AquaComfort Plus also available in Toric and Multifocal lenses. 

iii. Air Optix Night & Day Aqua: Monthly disposable contact lenses that are designed for extended wear. It is recommended to consult with your eye doctor or contact lens fitter to determine your suitability and proper hygiene and maintenance for these lenses. 

iv. Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde: Monthly contacts that retain moisture to ensure long-lasting hydration throughout the day. These lenses are also available for astigmatism and multifocal needs. 

v. And for all of you fashion connoisseurs, take a look at Air Optix Colors, or Freshlook Colorblends for coloured contacts! 

Alcon provides contacts for single, weekly or monthly use, as well as extended wear. Enjoy pure comfort all day long and the clearest vision with their top quality lenses. 

3.    CooperVision

Coopervision Contact Lenses

Coopervision Contact Lenses

For a reliable brand that guarantees superior eye comfort, you can go with CooperVision. For more than 30 years, the brand has provided high-quality contact lenses worldwide. Their vast range of products offer contacts for all needs. And they have a selection of lifestyle options. Whether you prefer daily, weekly or monthly use, you’ll find what your eyes need! 

Their first-class contacts are made with the latest technology for perfect vision and moisture control. CooperVision’s best-selling products will please any contact lens wearer. Just try them on, you’ll love them! 

i. Biofinity: One of the bestselling monthly contacts made with Aquaform materials for top hydration and moisture. Consider Biofinity XR for high prescription, Biofinity ToricBiofinity Multifocal, and Biofinity XR Toric for high astigmatism. 

ii. Clariti and MyDay: Daily lenses that are comfortable to wear and offer optimal moisture. 

iii. Proclear: Designed for occasional wear, available for different vision corrections.

4.    Bausch & Lomb

Bausch+Lomb Contact Lenses

Bausch+Lomb Contact Lenses

Contact lens wearers and eye care professionals will all tell you, Bausch & Lomb is one of the most performing and reliable brands. Since 1853, Bausch & Lomb has worked hard to create the highest quality features for your eyes. This respected eye health product supplier offers popular contact brands such as: 

i. Ultra: Thanks to their use of MoistureSeal Technology, those contacts are ideal for those who work in front of a screen all day long! Also available for astigmatismpresbyopia, and for both astigmatism and presbyopia. 

ii. Biotrue: One-day lenses packs for astigmatism and presbyopia. 

To fit specialized eye needs, different features and categories are available such as daily disposal and weekly packs as well as monthly wear. 

Pick the best contact lenses for you

Consider your prescription and lifestyle. Are you planning on wearing them all the time? A weekly or monthly replacement lens can be economical and safe if worn according to your doctor’s instructions.  

Only wearing lenses to the gym or special occasions? One day (single use) lenses provide you with a fresh, comfortable lens every time. Whether you’re old enough to have reading power or simply have lots of astigmatism in your prescription, chances are there’s a contact lens for you. 

Speak to your eye care professional about what you should expect from your lenses and how you can break free from glasses safely and confidently. 

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