Impact Report: Looking back at 2021

If you find yourself at end of the year wondering: what happened in 2021? don’t worry – we’ve got all the important things you need to know right here.  

In the wider world, America elected a new president, our own Maggie MacNeil won gold at the Tokyo Olympics, and Adele finally released a new album. Even better news? You helped us donate more than $38,000 to organizations that are close to our heart and commit 575,000+ glasses to people in need.  

As always, our focus in 2021 was on making eyewear affordable, making eye care accessible, and raising awareness about the importance of eye health. From providing young people in need with free prescription eyewear to pitching in at community events just down the road, we’ve been busy. 

Explore our 2021 Impact Report and learn about all the amazing things you helped us accomplish this year.  

Buy One, Give One 

575,000+ pairs committed 

Did you know that when you buy a pair, you can donate a pair to someone in need? One click after you check out can change someone’s entire perspective on life – literally.  

This year, you helped us commit over 575,000 pairs as part of our Buy One, Give One program. In partnership with Essilor Vision Foundation, these glasses will be distributed to people in 51 countries around the world.   

Free Glasses for Kids 

3,662 pairs distributed 

In October, we celebrated the 1-year anniversary of the launch of our Free Glasses for Kids program, which is available at all Clearly retail stores for children age 10 and under. 

free glasses for kids

During 2021, we were lucky enough to meet tons of incredible kids across Canada who visited our stores to take part of the program. 

We were proud to equip them with the glasses they need to see the board at the front of the classroom, the outline of their next crayon masterpiece, and do all the other things that allow them to reach their full potential.  

In total, we gave 3,662 pairs of free glasses to amazing kids in 2021.   

Throughout the year 

The calendar is packed with amazing opportunities that allow us to learn from and connect with people in our communities. We’re always looking to find ways to better support those around us, beginning with key moments throughout the year.  

Mother’s Day weekend 

$13,500 donated to Seva Canada 

We donated 5% of Mother’s Day weekend proceeds to Seva Canada, which amounted to $13,500 towards cataract surgeries for moms and kids in need.  

These procedures are life-changing for families, enabling children to succeed school and ensuring mothers are able to provide for and care for their families. Learn more about our partnership with Seva.  

Pride month 

$15,000 to Qmunity  

To celebrate Pride, this summer and beyond, we donated $15,000 to Qmunity, which supports the LGBTQ2SAI+ community and offers counselling, group support, and other mental health services.  

Our team also participated in Qmunity’s Queer Competency training, which provides strategies and insight on inclusivity in the workplace and beyond. Learn more about our work with Qmunity.  

World Sight Day 2021 

To celebrate World Sight Day (October 14), we closed our Vancouver Robson Street location to customers and opened it up to kids instead! From October 14 to 16, the entire store was dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of children’s eye health.  

Kids were able to get free eye exams and hang out afterwards to enjoy snacks, fun, and games. For 3 days, it was all about showing kids that taking care of their eyesight is something to look forward to.  

Clearly for Community  

The Clearly for Community team is dedicated to bringing essential vision care, eyewear, and support to people in our own backyard. This year, we donated over 5,000 frames and $10,000 to various organizations across Canada, including: 

  • $10,000 to Breakfast Club of Canada 
  • 500+ pairs to Tim Hortons Foundation Camps 
  • 2,600 pairs to Canadian Vision Care 
  • 900+ pairs to Toronto Foundation for Student Success 
  • 3,000+ pairs donated to community centres across downtown Vancouver 

Get to know Clearly for Community and learn more about our partnerships.  

Eyes on the environment 

As individuals and organizations around the world shift towards more eco-conscious habits, we’re also looking to constantly improve the way we do things at Clearly.

2021 saw the advancement of some important initiatives that are helping us to reach our goals.  

Recycling 550+ pairs of old glasses 

If you’re wondering where you can recycle your old glasses, you’re in the right place (almost). Bring your old frames into any Clearly store and we’ll make sure they’re either recycled or repurposed and donated to people in need through our second-hand frame collection program.  

In 2021 we teamed up with The Lion’s Foundation and recycled over 550 pairs of glasses that you brought into our stores.  

Learn more about our work with The Lion’s Club

Launching Reincarnate 

This year, we launched Reincarnate – a range of eco-conscious frames. Every Reincarnate frame is made of 5 recycled plastic bottles (and the case and lens cloth are made from recycled materials, too!).  

In a space where style meets sustainability, Reincarnate is all about making small choices that contribute to a larger impact.  

We’re looking back at a year where we accomplished a lot – and looking forward to doing even more in 2022. It’s your support that allows us to support others, so thank you for helping us to make an impact and help everyone see clearly. 

Learn more about Our Mission and reach out to us on Facebook to share your thoughts about what you’d like to see us do next year.    

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