Tony Stark, Harry Potter, and more: Glasses for Halloween costumes

What do Tony Stark, Harry Potter, and John Lennon have in common?

They go with glasses like trick goes with treat.

This year, perfect your Halloween costume with bold, classic, or out-of-this-world eyewear that will put the final touch to your outfit.  

We’ve curated a glasses roundup inspired by celebrities, iconic characters and pop culture icons. 

Characters with glasses

Celebrities with glasses

Halloween outfits with glasses

Cherry on top of the costume or perfect extension to your everyday wardrobe, find what you’re looking for – and more. 

Good Halloween costumes with glasses 

Characters with glasses 

If you’re on the hunt for a good Halloween costume with glasses, search no more! We’ve gathered a selection of Halloween outfits with glasses from books, TV, movies characters and beyond. 

Iron Man glasses 

iron man glasses

Iron Man’s glasses, aka EDITH glasses, are highly advanced minicomputers designed by Tony Stark himself. They can search the web, order food, text or initiate a call on the spot just by voice command. 

While this technology doesn’t exist (yet), add aviator frames to your look to polish your genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist costume. You can’t go wrong with a solid black rim and a gradient blue tint

Ray-Ban RB3025-58 

Main And Central Cali-54 

Harry Potter glasses 

Wizards never go out of style. Harry Potter is not only famous for his epic battle against the most powerful wizard of all times – he’s also known for his classic round glasses.  

Grab a robe (your graduation robe, maybe?), draw a lightning bolt-shaped scar on your forehead, and rock a timeless round metal frame. Bonus points if you find a  wand and can cast a spell. 

Main and Central Greenwich-51 

Ray-Ban Round Metal 

Main and Central Collingwood 

Elle Woods glasses 

elle woods glasses

Smart, determined, bubbly  Elle Woods from Legally Blonde has become a bit of a cult fave to channel on Halloween (and – why not – beyond). A pink outfit paired with bold oval or cat-eye frames will do the trick.  

Another Reese Witherspoon look that errs on a more conservative side is Lauren Scott (This Means War). A dark plastic D-shape frame with a touch of colour is the perfect addition to your eyewear collection. 

Main and Central Marbella 

Ray-Ban RX7047-56 

Matrix glasses 

matrix glasses

Put on a long black coat, a pair of Matrix sunglasses, and prepare to enter the room in slow-motion.  

For Agent Smith’s glasses, pick a thin black rectangle frame (and don’t forget to frown – that’s an integral part of the costume). If you’re thinking Trinity, go for taller oval frames. 

Ray-Ban RB3445-58 

Derek Cardigan Ganymede-59 

Oakley OO9238 Five 

Pixar-inspired costumes

TikTok stylist @sethfroese shares some Pixar-inspired Halloween looks, featuring Edna Mode from The Incredibles, Carl Fredriksen from Up, and Joe Gardner from Soul.

Cartoon-inspired costumes

Fashion TikToker @shaynehydn shares costume ideas from your fave cartoons, including Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6, Gretchen from Recess, Meg from Family Guy, and Sam Sparks from Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.

Spongebob (with glasses) 

Want to know what would be a great Halloween costume? Spongebob. Want to know what would be an even greater costume? Spongebob with glasses.  

The sponge part might be a little tricky, but for the glasses, we’ve got you covered. Choose tall square black frames with a thick rim that will make you the best sea sponge in the ocean. 

Main and Central Dundalk 

Clearly Basics Hamilton 

Velma Glasses  

Credit: @dieharddivatv

Velma from Scooby Doo wears square black glasses that are not only iconic - they also go with everything. What's better than a frame that gives the perfect final touch to your Halloween costume? A frame that elevates every single outfit you own. 

And if your Halloween party needs a little extra, you can reenact the famous Scooby Doo scene where Velma loses her glasses! 

Main and Central Glebe 

Clearly Basics Roggan River 

Clark Kent and Kara Danvers glasses 

Super hero male businessman pop art retro vector illustration. Strong Businessman in glasses in comic style. Success concept.

A subtle take on a superhero costume: Clark Kent, aka Superman (or Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl). Clark Kent’s glasses are typically square acetate or plastic frames in a darker colour with tortoise accents. Go undercover all year round with versatile frames. 

Main and Central Dundalk 

Reincarnate Albatross 

Dwight Schrute glasses 

A fan favourite from The Office, Dwight Schrute is devoted to his look. Pair a light yellow shirt and tie with a metal aviator frame to replicate this well-known ensemble.  

Favour squared, angular corners to add seriousness and masculinity (as Dwight would). Don’t forget the beets salad (the fans will know).  

Ray-Ban Caravan II 

Derek Cardigan Hemlock 

Iconic celebrities in glasses 

Whether you’re rocking a celebrity Halloween costume, or you just want to channel your favourite celebrity, check out these iconic faces who rock glasses on the regular. 

John Lennon glasses 

He needs no introduction. His iconic style is timeless. Legendary John Lennon's glasses are as trendy as his music is today. 

Indulge in a vintage look with small, round metal frames. Add a touch of colour to your outfit with a light yellow or pink tint. 

Main and Central Greenwich 

Main and Central Edgewater 

Elton John glasses 

Elton John's glasses collection is big, bold, and colorful. Plenty of styles to choose from: thick and square blue frames with rhinestones, heart-shaped pink lenses... The bolder, the better! 

Love Sphynx 

Main and Central Glebe 

Coach HC8315-57 

Kurt Cobain glasses 

Bold. Edgy. Rock'n'roll. Kurt Cobain's glasses spoke volume to his personality. Compliment your rock star look with oval cat-eye frames and win over your audience.  

Oh, and we support any Smells Like Teen Spirit rendition you want to go for.  

Love Bengal 

Kam Dhillon Coco 

Dan Levy glasses 

Dan Levy's not just great at writing and acting (all the love for David Rose). He's one of the most fashionable artists out there.  

Grab thick black square plastic frames to dress up as the award-winning actor. Double down with a father-son costume: Eugene Levy's glasses are similar but slightly rounder. 

Main and Central Bray 

Clearly Basics Pickle Lake 

Tina Fey glasses 

Tina Fey keeps it classic but has been known to play around with shapes. Oval, cat-eye, rectangle, square – she's elegantly worn them all. 

Her most iconic style is a traditional rectangle black frame with soft round edges. 

Main and Central Docklands 

Main and Central Mackay 

Jackie O sunglasses 

Jackie O's sunglasses were big, bold, and geometric. Go for a round oversized sunglasses frame in dark tones for a First Lady-like look. 

Tory Burch TY9061 

Michael Kors Pasadena 

Love Sphynx 

Billie Eilish glasses 

Billie Eilish sunglasses are all about sharp edges. Whether it's an oversized squared frame, narrow rectangle shades, or a triangular cat-eye pair, highly geometrical shapes best represent the record-breaking singer’s style. 

Main and Central Leixlip 

Nike Show X1 

Buddy Holly glasses 

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - CIRCA 1993: A stamp printed in USA shows Charles Hardin Holley Buddy Holly (1936-1959), rock and roll singer, American Music Series, circa 1993

Buddy Holly is still considered a pioneer of rock'n'roll, and his iconic glasses make him recognizable to this day He sported iconic specs: tall, thick, black frames in a square shape, with the upper outer edges sticking out a bit. 

Derek Cardigan Poplar 

Main and Central Cronulla 

Marilyn Monroe reading glasses 

HOLLYWOOD - SEPTEMBER 17, 2011: Blond girl model like Marilyn Monroe in car on 17 September in 2011 in the Universal Studios Hollywood.

Who’s never dreamt of impersonating one Hollywood’s most glamourous icons? Channel your inner Marylin Monroe with her iconic reading glasses.  

Select a pair of cat-eye frames in a delicate yet shiny colour, with bronze or gold accents.  

Michael Kors Toulouse 

Main and Central Limerick 

Main and Centra Wichita 

Audrey Hepburn glasses

Obsessed with the iconic Breakfast at Tiffanys look? You'll need tall thick, plastic cat-eyed frames with a flat bottom. And between us - Audrey Hepburn's cat-eye glasses are so elegant, you’ll probably use them all year-round. 

Coach HC8316-58 

Tory Burch TY7095-54 

Halloween outfits with glasses 

Nerd glasses  

There was a time when nerds might have been outcasts – but these days, there's nothing cooler than geek-chic.

Sport horn-rimmed glasses for a nerdy costume or a bold thick plastic frame with squared angles to reveal your inner geek.  

Clearly Basics Medicine Hat 

Derek Cardigan Helike 

1970s and 1980s glasses 

Want to jump a few decades back in time and go for a fun retro look? We're all in.  

Oversized retro glasses, delicate vintage frames, colourful hippie spectacles – we've got it all, and then some. 

Kam Dhillon Valerie 

Reincarnate Stork 

Main and Central Tralee  

Coloured contact lenses

Take your outfit to the next level with coloured contact lenses. @glamflowerx shows us how to combine out-of-this-world makeup with rainbow-toned contacts to create an unforgettable look.

@glamwithsuzan combines coloured contacts with next-level makeup to take Halloween to scary-awesome heights.

Ready to steal this year’s Halloween show? Now you've got the styling tricks, go ahead and treat yourself to the best glasses or sunglasses for the costume contest (and beyond).

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