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gaming glasses

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Gaming glasses are an indispensable tool in the pro gamer arsenal – and they’re fast becoming popular amongst casual gamers, streamers, gaming fans, and people who just think they look damn cool.  

So – why all the hype? Do gaming glasses actually work? 

Gaming glasses are specially designed to fit underneath your headset, so they’re more comfortable to wear during long sessions in front of your screen. Blue light gaming glasses help to reduce harmful blue light exposure, so you can protect your eyes and your health while maximising your performance.   

Here, we talk through everything you need to know, including how to find the best gaming glasses.   

What do gaming glasses do? 

Gaming glasses should help you see your screen clearly and comfortably. They’re designed with specific lenses and features that enable and enhance your gaming experience.   

1. Blue light filtering lenses 

Gaming glasses often include blue light filtering lenses, which filter harmful blue light that’s emitted from digital screens (and natural sources like the sun).  

This helps to keep your circadian rhythm on track (so you can sleep well when you’re finished gaming). They also help your eyes relax to reduce eyestrain, while preventing long-term damage associated with harmful light exposure, which has the potential to harm retinal cells. 

2. Designed for performance 

Gaming glasses typically have specific features designed for the physical demands of gaming, for added comfort for your nose, temples, and ears: 

  • Lightweight frame for comfort over long hours 
  • Adjustable nose pads to prevent them from slipping 
  • Soft and flat temples that are headset compatible 

3. Clarity and protection 

Some gamer glasses are compatible with your prescription (like ours!) so you can benefit from added comfort and protection, while also getting the vision correction you need to clearly see what’s on your screen.  

Do gaming glasses help with headphones?  

gaming glasses for women

The best gaming glasses are designed with headset compatibility in mind, which makes them a popular choice among gamers and as well as people who wear headsets for long periods of time during their workday.  

Gaming glasses should have soft and flat temples that fit comfortably underneath your headset, so you can reduce the chances of struggling with that tight, behind-ear pinch.  

How to wear gaming glasses with your headset  

1. Choose gaming glasses that are designed to be headset compatible – check the temple tips to make sure they’re soft and flat. 

2. Make sure glasses are adjusted to fit your face properly. 

3. Make sure headset is adjusted to fit your head properly – your earphones should align comfortably with your whole ear and the band overtop should fit snugly on your head without digging in. 

4. Once you’ve adjusted your devices, slide your glasses on and place your headphones over top. If you feel the temple tips digging in, you may need to loosen the band on your headset to allow for a little more room. 

Can you wear gaming glasses outside? 

Yes – in fact it’s a good idea to wear Clearly Gamer glasses with BlueReflect PlusTM lenses outside, as they block UV and harmful blue light from the sun.

Just be sure to switch to optimal UV protection sunglasses in bright conditions, as tinted lenses help with light sensitivity and improve your vision for comfort and clarify.  

How to clean gaming glasses 

Cleaning your gaming glasses is the same as cleaning regular glasses

  1. Wash your hands 
  1. Rinse your glasses under a gentle stream of lukewarm water 
  1. Dab a bit of mild dish detergent on both sides of the lenses 
  1. Rub the nose pads, arms, and temples  
  1. Rinse the glasses clean under running water 
  1. Dry your glasses with a clean white cloth 

Can you get prescription gaming glasses? 

gaming glasses

Yes – certain retailers (like us!) offer prescription gaming glasses with blue light filtering lenses. Other stores may only carry gaming glasses with non-prescription lenses that offer blue light protection. 

If you don’t have gaming glasses with your prescription and you’re staring at your screen without your necessary correction, you could experience eyestrain and poor vision. In this case, it will be more comfortable to wear your regular glasses.  

Do gaming glasses reduce eyestrain? 

Wearing prescription gaming glasses will help you maintain your focus on your screen, which will reduce your chances of experiencing eyestrain (compared to how your eyes would feel without your prescription glasses on).  

Clearly Gamer glasses with BlueReflect PlusTM blue light lenses will reduce your exposure to harmful blue light, which can help your eyes to feel more relaxed and reduce potential harm to retinal cells.

They also help to maintain your circadian rhythm, so you can keep your sleep schedule on track and feel energized for your next gaming session. 

Should I wear glasses while gaming? 

Yes! If you have a prescription, you should wear prescription gaming glasses with blue light filtering lenses during your gaming sessions.

If you don’t have a prescription, choose non-prescription gaming glasses with BlueReflect PlusTM lenses, which will filter out harmful blue light and protect your eyes while you’re on your computer, laptop, or phone.  

Why are gaming glasses yellow? 

Some gaming glasses are yellow due to the technology that’s used to block harmful blue light.

Clearly Gamer glasses with BlueReflect PlusTM lenses are not fully yellow, but they do have a slight yellow tinge and a blue reflection on the front of the lenses, as they block out 99.5% of harmful blue light.  

Can you wear gaming glasses with contact lenses? 

Yes – you can wear non-prescription gaming glasses with blue light filtering lenses over your contact lenses.  

Are gaming glasses worth it? 

gaming glasses

If you wear prescription glasses normally, gaming glasses are often a far more comfortable alternative as they’re designed for conditions specific to gaming.  

Many people find that blue light filtering lenses help them feel more focussed and comfortable during screen time.

How much do gaming glasses cost? 

The cost of gaming glasses varies, depending on the retailer and the quality of the frames and lenses. You can find cheap, non-prescription gaming glasses for as low as $20 or designer options upwards of $200.  

Clearly Gamer glasses with BlueReflect PlusTM blue light filtering lenses cost around $180 and guarantee comfort and blue light protection.  

What are the best gaming glasses? 

It’s all about your vision needs, personal choice, budget, and style. Of course, we think ours are the best – Clearly Gamer glasses with BlueReflect PlusTM are prescription compatible, have 99.5% blue light filtering capabilities, and are designed for comfort.  

Explore the full Clearly Gamer collection and share your #ClearlyGamer setups with us on Social.  

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