Sunglasses for face shapes

sunglasses for face shapes

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Sunglasses are the ultimate multi-tasking accessory – they protect your eyes from harmful UV and bring an instant hit of style and personality to your outfit. Wondering which sunglasses frame shape suits you best? You’re in the right place. 

From round faces to diamond faces and every beautiful shape in-between, learn about how to choose sunglasses for your face shape.  

Sunglasses for square face shapes

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A square face is defined by:  

  • Angular features  
  • Defined square face lines 
  • Cheekbones, forehead, and jaw are equally wide 

If you’re looking for sunglasses for a square face, choose frames that help soften your angular features. Look for:  

  • Rounded frames that are slightly wider than your cheekbones to create balance 
  • Coloured frames to accentuate your eyes 

Depending on your own personal preference, you can’t go wrong with round, oval, or cat-eye frames for square face shapes. 


Sunglasses for round face shapes

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A round face is defined by: 

  • Soft curves and smooth lines  
  • Forehead and jaw areas are equally wide 
  • Slightly wider cheekbones 
  • Rounded chin 

If you’re shopping for sunglasses for a round face, choose frames that add definition and contrast to your facial structure. Look for: 

  • Bold, angular frames with clean lines to create balance 
  • Upswept frames to draw attention to your eyes 

When you’re ready to start shopping, rectangular, browline, or squared-off cat-eye frames look great on round face shapes.  


Sunglasses for heart face shapes

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A heart face is defined by: 

  • Widest at the brow and forehead area 
  • Gradually narrows through to the chin 
  • High cheekbones 
  • Long or round face silhouette 

If you’re browsing for sunglasses for a heart face, choose frames that are proportionate to your face. Look for: 

  • Frame width that is slightly wider than your forehead, such as subtle wingtips, to add contrast 
  • Styles that have a deep base or detailing on the lower portion of the frame 

Depending on which style you go for, most frame shapes such as aviator, rectangular, round, oval, or browline flatter heart face shapes. 


Sunglasses for triangle face shapes

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A triangle face features: 

  • Widest at the jaw 
  • Gradually narrows through to the forehead 

If you’re looking for sunglasses for a triangle face, choose frames that are opposite to your facial structure – wider top and narrower bottoms. Look for:  

  • Frame width that is slightly wider than your jawline to create balance 
  • Styles with detailing on the upper portion of the frame, such as a browline shape, to add definition  

Whether you’re into classic or modern, aviator, rectangular, cat-eye, or browline are typically flattering for triangle face shapes. 


Sunglasses for oval face shapes

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An oval face features: 

  • Slightly wider cheekbones  
  • Narrow forehead and chin areas 
  • Long face silhouette 
  • Subtle curves 

If you’re shopping for sunglasses for an oval face, there are endless styles to choose from.  

From statement-making shapes, such as aviator and cat-eye frames, to modern classics, such as rectangular, square, and browline, it’s easy to find a style that will make you feel confident.  


Sunglasses for diamond face shapes

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A diamond face features: 

  • Narrow forehead and chin areas 
  • Angular jawlines 
  • Defined cheekbones and full cheeks 

If you’re browsing for sunglasses for a diamond face, choose frames that soften your angular features. Look for: 

  • Styles that play off your facial structure to accentuate your eyes, such as a browline frames 
  • Curved frames with delicate lines to bring soft contrast to defined forehead and chin 

Have fun with different shapes and colours and check out cat-eye, round, oval, rectangular, or browline. 

How to customize your sunglasses

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If you already know which frame shapes suit you best, why not have fun customizing your own pair of sunglasses

1. Choose your frame. Our eyewear, prescription sunglasses, and sunglasses clip-ons selections offer tons of stylish frames that’ll flatter your face shape. 

2. Enter your prescription details (or skip this step). Key in your eyeglasses prescription information or select a non-prescription option.  

If your prescription has changed, make sure to update it at least once every two years with your eye doctor

3. Select a sunglasses lens. All of our sunglasses lenses, such as Transitions®, polarized lenses, and non-polarized lenses provide optimal UV protection

4. Choose your lens tint. Browse solid, gradient, and mirror tinted glasses lenses in various fashionable tint colours.  

5. Grab a deal at the checkout. Find the latest sunglasses deals on our Coupon Code page (and get free shipping on orders $80+). 

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