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How to make frames into prescription sunglasses

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Sunglasses are a perfect way to show off your style (while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, of course). Whether you’re into retro, modern, statement, or subtle, it’s important to find a pair that you’ll love to wear – so why not create your own? 

We make it easy to build your own prescription (or non-prescription) sunnies. Read on to find everything you need to know about frame styles, lens tints, and how to order the perfect pair online.   

How to build your own prescription sunglasses?

build your own prescription sunglasses

If you already have a pair of glasses frames that you absolutely love, why not get matching sunglasses and take it up a notch with a sun lens tint or colour? Check out these four easy steps to customize your own pair of trusty shades: 

1. Choose any frame

Pick a frame from our eyewear, prescription sunglasses, or sunglasses clip-ons selection. Make sure to choose a frame with a lens height of at least 30mm – this ensures that your eyes, eyelids, and the delicate surrounding skin will be protected.  

With tons of good-looking frames to choose from, have fun trying on frames that you love virtually. If you need help narrowing down your options, follow our face shape guide to find the frame shapes that’ll suit you perfectly. 

2. Make them prescription (or not)  

Enter your eyeglasses prescription details or select a non-prescription option.  

Remember that you need a comprehensive eye exam at least once every two years (so book an appointment if your prescription is outdated).  

3. Select a sunglasses lens type 

There are a few different sunglasses lens types to choose from, so think about which option suits your lifestyle and your budget. 

  • Transitions®, automatically adjust to changing light with optimal UV protection. 
  • Polarized lenses, offer sun protection and glare reduction for outdoor sports and water activities with maximum UV. 
  • Non-polarized lenses, offer sun protection in bright conditions with full UV protection.  

All of our lens options provide maximum UV protection, so you can keep your eyes healthy while looking the part. 

4. Choose your lens tint 

Once you’ve picked your lens type, it’s time for the best part. We offer various fashionable tint colours,  from classic solid and vintage-inspired gradient to statement-making mirror tints, you can personalize your favourite frame to match your signature style. 

5. Look for a deal in the checkout  

Take advantage of the best ongoing eyewear deals, all lined up for you. Treat yourself to instant savings on our Coupon Code page, where you’ll find the latest deals at Clearly. 

Are prescription sunglasses worth it?

100% UV sunglasses bright conditions

Prescription sunglasses are built to best fit your eyes and vision needs, with the extra benefits of convenience and effortless style. They provide clear vision in bright conditions while improving visual comfort, so you’re not constantly squinting or grappling with glare. 

They also protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays for reduced risk of UV-related eye diseases. 

They are also an ideal option in sandy, windy or dusty locations, where high levels of debris can be troublesome for your eyes. 

And, of course, they’re the ultimate style statement. Customizing your sunglasses means you can consider what suits you – from frame shapes and features to frame and lens materials and colours. 

Is my prescription eligible for prescription sunglasses?

prescription designer sunglasses

If you’re wondering your corrective prescription, from progressives to bifocals, can be made into prescription sunnies, the answer is yes. You will need an up-to-date glasses prescription, including segment height for multifocal prescriptions. 

When you choose prescription sun lenses at Clearly, we’ll customize your sunglasses with our high-quality prescription lenses. If you’ve chosen designer brand frames, you won’t see designer branding on your lenses. 

You’ll still get the brand authenticity on the frame and better quality on the lenses (more on this later). 

How to tell which types of sunglasses are eligible for prescription?

With a dedicated page to browse prescription sunglasses frames, as well as our selection of eyewear and sunglasses clip-ons pages, it’s easy to pick the perfect pair and add your prescription to the lenses.  

If you’re looking for a pair of prescription designer sunglasses, you can select ‘Prescription Eligible’ using the filter for features on the menu. The features filter will narrow down your options to display sunglasses that are eligible for prescription. 

Can prescription lenses be added to any frames?

can you add prescription sun lenses to any frames


Nearly any type of frame – whether they are retro, modern, or anything in between – can be turned into prescription sunglasses. There are a few options available at Clearly:  

  1. You can choose any frame you like and build your own sunnies with prescription lenses online 
  2. Shop for the sunglasses you want and add customized lenses with your prescription 
  3. Visit a Clearly store near you and let our friendly experts help you 

How much do prescription sunglasses cost?

The cost of prescription sunglasses varies, depending on the retailer, frame quality and lens materials. You can find cheap sunglasses frame for as low as $9 or designer options starting at $99.   

Prescription sunglasses lenses for non-polarized tints range from $39 to $75, while polarized tints range from $100 to $225. Your purchase guarantees free high-quality lens coatings: scratch resistant, UV protective, and anti-reflective.  

shop for prescription sunglassesAre you ready to get started on shopping for prescription sunglasses? Add prescription lenses to any frames on our site and enjoy effortless vision in effortless style throughout your day to day. And don’t forget to share your #SeeClearly sunglasses selfies with us on social! 


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